How do activate high definition on may Philips plasma screen model number 42pfp5532d05?

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Most of the newer TV's will automatically recognize a HDTV signal and make the correction internally.

Chances are that if the HDTV isn't activating, then you don't have a HDTV signal available. Without seeing how you have it connected or knowing what type of signal source you're using, it's difficult to be able to offer much more assistance.

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Who invented the plasma screen TV?

Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow created the first plasma screen in 1964. . Some say they were assisted by a university student in the same uniersity named: Robert Wilson. Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow, and Robert Willson 1964 University of Illinois.

What is the ideal number of pixels for High Definition TV?

Answer . Hi, Truth is, just like with digital cameras, the higher the better. It all translates to resolution of the picture image. The more pixels, the more detail that's available. Of course, usually the price is higher as well. Hope that helps, Cubby

Can you fix an externally cracked plasma screen?

Probably not. It's a vacuum chamber and when it cracked, it let air into the envelope. The again, if it's still working, your TV may have a plastic cover over the screen to protect it. One thing I do know first hand, is that the cost of the screen replacement will probably be more than the cost (MORE)

What is the definition of plasma?

In physics, a plasma is an electrically charged gas. It responds strongly to magnetic and electric fields. In biology, plasma is the liquid portion of the blood, in which the blood cells are suspended.

Scientific definition of plasma?

A plasma is similar to a gas, but one in which a significant amount of atoms are ionized. (There is also a different and unrelated type of plasma, such as the "blood plasma".)

How do plasma television screens work?

The xenon and neon gas in a plasma television is contained in hundreds of thousands of tiny cells positioned between two plates of glass. Long electrodes are also sandwiched between the glass plates, in front of and behind the cells. The address electrodes sit behind the cells, along the rear glass (MORE)

How do you clean the screen of a plasma TV?

If it is just dust collected on screen treat it like a pair on expesive glasses with those special transparent film on it; try a scrub-less lint free cloth seen in electronics like a PlayStation Portable (Those nice cloths). If dirt or scratches occur try using a scratch-fixer solvent or simply repl (MORE)

Does sunlight harm plasma TV screens?

No. Unless it is DIRECT SUNLIGHT (if it can give you a sunburn, it will damage your screen). However, if it is behind filtered light, such as a window, then there is no real threat of damage. Owners manuals for plasma TVs will say not to put them in areas where the sun will shine on them, even throu (MORE)

Definition of a plasma cutter?

A plasma cutter is used for cutting metals and others. It consists of a stream of inert gas which is passed through an electrical arc. This converts some of the inert gas into a plasma, with equivalent temperatures higher than 20 000 o C. It can be used for tasks otherwise difficult, such as cuttin (MORE)

How do plasma screen TV's work?

A plasma panel is a layered device. It is comprised of millions of cells each lined with a red, blue or green phosphor, much like a CRT is coated with the same color phosphor dots. Each cell is filled with a gas and wired to a computer chip that tells it when it needs to light. When the gas is elect (MORE)

What would you wash an LCD or plasma screen with?

Just use a dry streak free cloth... something that you would use to wipe your glasses.. Another option is get from a stationary store near you wipes specifically designed for this purpose, which are pre-moistened with solutions that won't damage your LCD or plasma screens. They are very, very inexp (MORE)

Can plasma screen tilted will it damage the plasma screen?

yes. most can tilt about 10 degrees back or forward, beyond that you're taking a big risk. never, EVER, lay a plasma tv flat. Even if you're moving it and it's turned off. The heavy glass can be de-laminated from the phosphors, blurring or ruining your picture. If you really need to tilt y (MORE)

How do plasma TVs produce pictures on the screen?

Well its all to do with the Chemistry.. Plasma televisions are large flat-panel displays. The screen consists of hundred of thousands of tiny cells. Each cell holds an inert mixture of the noble gases neon and xenon between two plates of glass.. The formation of these ions requires energy. The mix (MORE)

Definition of plasma beta in anisotropic plasmas?

Replace the scalar pressure P by 1/3 times the trace of the tensor pressure, e.g. \beta = 1/3 (P_xx + P_yy + P_zz) / (B^2 / 2 \mu_0) . In the isotropic case P_xx = P_yy = P_zz and you get the usual definition.

Does plasma screen tv has plasma in it?

A Plasma tv works like this; the pixels are coated with red green and blue phosphors. They are then filled with xenon and neon gases, which when hit with electrical charges change from a gaseous state to a plasma like state. They emit ultra violet light which exictes the electrons in the phosphours (MORE)

Does plasma have a definite size and shape?

No. It is just like a gas in this respect. No. It is just like a gas in this respect. No. It is just like a gas in this respect. No. It is just like a gas in this respect.

What is Philip kotler definition of marketing?

"1) Marketing is the process by which an organization relates creatively, productively, and profitably to the marketplace. 2) Marketing is the art of creating and satisfying customers at a profit. 3) Marketing is getting the right goods and services to the right people at the right places at the rig (MORE)

Do you have to have a plasma screen tv for a PS3?

No it does not have to be a special TV or a HDTV to connect and play the PS3. You do need a TV that has A/V input capability. That means 2 Audio RCA type Plug inputs and one Video RCA Type plug input are needed to connect the PS3 to the TV with the A/V cable that comes with the PS3.

What is the purpose of plasma renin activity?

Plasma renin activity (PRA), also called plasma renin assay, may be used to screen for high blood pressure (hypertension ) of kidney origin, and may help plan treatment of essential hypertension

Which is better LCD or plasma screen?

I all depends on your preferences. LCDs are better for colour as in cartoons and Plasmas are better for fast moving things as in Sports. They do not blur easily. Really they are both great Tvs. A2 Plasmas are more expensive, get hot, use high voltages, consume more power and delicate. LCDs are cheap (MORE)

How do you remove smudged on plasma tv screen?

Do not spray windex or any surface cleaner directly on the screen. It can drip and run in to the electronics. You can use products like Endust Electronics cleaner wipes to clean the screen and the casing.

How quickly will plasma screen deteriorate?

All screens start to degrade the moment they are manufactured. It will be 5-10 years of normal viewing before your notice that degradation, though. Screens for installation that are on 24/7 may start to exhibit burn-in and color variances within the first 2 or 3 years.

Is Plasma in flat screen TVs?

Some televisions are plasma displays, although these models are less common these days. Most flat-screen TV's are Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) backlit with either flourescent bulbs or Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

Do computer screens contain plasma?

In most cases no. But there are plasma computer monitors you can buy. Most monitors are LCD. LCDs use less power and are less prone to burn in.

What is the purpose of a plasma screen tv?

Plasma screen TVs differ from LCD or LED TVs. Plasma TVs use electrically charged ionized gas to display the picture. The advantages of a plasma TV are that they provide a clearer and better picture than LCD or LED TVs.

What are the benefits of a plasma screen?

Compared to a LCD, a plasma screen offers wider viewing angles, better motion resolution (less blurring on fast moving images), and darker blacks. The main downsides of a plasma compared to an LCD are that they use more power, they can't get as bright, and with their glass screens they can sometimes (MORE)