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How do cattle graze?

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They bend their heads down to the grass, open their mouths, curl their tongues around a sward of grass and pull it in their mouths, then bite down making a little sideways head motion to shear the grass off with their lower incisors, then swallow.
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Can cattle graze after spot spraying roundup?

It's not really a good idea to do so, no. If you read the label on the container, it should say that you should not allow grazing access to the area you sprayed for 20 to 30 d

What is the cattle grazing area with no fences?

This is called Rangeland, however even rangeland can be fenced. Ultimately, just because a certain area has fences doesn't mean it's a pasture or field: it can still be consid

What is cattle grazing?

Cattle grazing or grazing cattle is when cattle are set out on a piece of land (within a fenced area, mind) and eat the grass and legumes that grow there for a period of time.