How do get free paid apps on rooted android?

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Do a search for blackmarket.apk. Download this file and install it to your device. You will find many apps here.
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What are the best free android apps?

The best free android apps are as follows: 1. Twitter 2. Facebook 3. Instagram 4. AppLock DoMobile 5. Transparent screen 6. Horoscope & Astrology 7. Treasure screen lock

How do you download paid android apps for free?

Every company releases a free version of their app but usually famous games doesnt provide their addictive features in free version. There is no place where you can buy paid a

Where to get free android apps?

There are many free apps available to download on the Google PlayStore. If you want to get paid apps for free, just google the nameof the app you want and put ".apk" at the en

Are Android apps free to make?

Yes, if you have the software and knowledge to make it all you would need to pay is the $25 fee to register as a Google Play Developer and you can upload it to the Play Store.