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Each time a host cell divides, the virus's genetic material is copied along with the host's genetic material. Then, under certain conditions, the virus's genetics material suddenly becomes active. It takes over the cell's functions in much the same way that active viruses do. Soon, the cell is full of new viruses and bursts open.
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Is rabies a hidden or active virus?

Rabies is a virus that is hidden. If you get the rabies virus, it  can be a very serious manner. Rabies can affect both animals and  humans.

Is the cold a hidden or active virus?

The common cold is in fact an active virus. Once the certain virus has infected a new host it immediately begins multiplying within the cells of the new host.

Is a cold virus an active or hidden virus?

It is an active virus. Hidden viruses are viruses that don't go into action immediately and hide out for a while in your tissues. Once you are infected with a cold virus, you

How do hidden viruses multiply?

1. A virus attaches to a bacterium.  2. The virus injects its genetic material.  3. The genetic material of the virus combines with the bacterium's genetic material.  4. Th

Is the flu an active virus or hidden virus?

Active. It will go directly to find a host cell and begin the steps of the lytic cycle to cause the host's cell to replicate itself (see the related questions for more about t

How does a hidden virus become active?

A hidden virus becomes active when like say if you get sick the virus would become active then because it has a greater chance of tearing down your system .

Where does a virus multiply?

Viruses can only multiply (reproduce) within a host cell. The type of host cell is dependent on the virus' host range.

How does a virus multiply?

A virus injects its DNA into the host cell making it producemultiple copies of that DNA and multiple copies of the proteincapsule of that virus. After a while, the host cell b