How do mothers of a Down syndrome kid feel?

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As with any child, there will be both sadness and joy. Initially sadness because the mother worries that her child will never be able to lead a "normal" life. Joy, because Down's Syndrome people tend to be unusually cheerful, friendly, empathetic and loving. People with DS can have very happy and fulfilling lives.
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If you have Down syndrome can you become a mother or a father?

I did some research and learned that men with Down syndrome are usually sterile. Most women can get pregnant and have children. Since there is a high risk of Down syndrome in

How do you punish a kid with Down syndrome?

Do You Punish a Child with Down Syndrome? . There is always a reason for problem behavior: Children sometimes have trouble communicating, because they may not know the wo

If you have Down syndrome will you have a Down syndrome kid?

I have a daughter with Downs and I have been told it is VERY PROBABLE...ask your pediatrician There is research on that subject. It can be found in scholarly journals. The one

How would you feel if you were to have a child with Down syndrome?

I personally feel that the Down syndrome babies are especially cute. But on a more serious note, who would want a child that is handicapped (not that I'm saying that that's ba

How do mothers of a Down's Syndrome child feel?

Mothers of babies who have Down's Syndrome need time to adjust to adifferent reality than they expected. A good explanation is thepoem, Welcome to Holland: I am often asked t

How do doctors know when kids are Down syndrome?

Although specifics may vary from child to child, children with down syndrome commonly exhibit certain signs such as unusual shapes in parts of the body. Ultimately, though,

Can family history of kids with down syndrome increase the risk to have a kid with down syndrome?

yes. if that is true, then that means that down syndrome is genetic in your family. try researching it up. look it up on google. i highly reccomend wikepedia. the more y