How do people in Missouri pronounce Missouri?

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There are 2 main ways I've heard it:

MIZ-UR-EE (similar to misery)


MIZ-UR-IH (more of a country folk pronunciation)
MissourAH is the only real way to pronounce it. Foreigners say it MissourEE; however, they are incorrect. Those who have many ancestors who have lived in Missourah call it that.
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Emancipation in Missouri?

Emancipation Day in Missouri is traditionally celebrated in Missouri in August in such communities as Boonville, Neosho, Clinton, Joplin and others. However, for whatever reason, the Missouri legislature enacted legislation in 2003 recognizing "Emancipation Day" as June 19. This appears to be a legi (MORE)

How do you pronounce Missouri?

Missourah. Missouria indian tribe was the first to settle that land and name it. Enough said right there. To debate the pronunciation above: When researching native american tribes I found this: How do you pronounce the word "Missouri"? What does it mean? It's pronounced "mih-zoo-ree," same as t (MORE)

Why did people move to Missouri?

There are many different reasons why people moved to Missouri. Somedid so for religious reasons. Others did so for betteropportunities, and the hope that they would be able to live abetter life in Missouri.

How do you pronounce St. Louis Missouri?

Here is a link to the pronunciation of St. Louis. Here is a link to the pronunciation of Missouri. Interestingly enough, they also provide a french pronunciation of St. Louis.

Does it snow in Missouri?

My knowledge on that subject is that no- not often, but occasionaly and it is common during cold temperatures throughout the winter. All parts of the state experience snow.

Do they have porcupines in Missouri?

I was traveling betwee Sullivan Missouri and Cuba Missouri a few weeks ago along I44 and I saw a porcupine dead along the road. I questioned my vision and traveled back along the service road and sure enough it was a pocupine. Hope this helps.

What is the Missouri plan?

A state adopted method of choosing judges. Under this plan, the governor appoints a judge from a list prepared by a commission of judges, lawyers, and ordinary citizens. Then, in the next election, voters cast a "yes" or "no" vote on whether they want the judge to stay in office.

How many people are in Missouri?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported thatthe estimated population in Missouri was 6,083,672 as of July 1,2015. Based on population, Missouri is the 18th largest U.S.state.

What do people do in Missouri do to make a living?

They use farm land for planting crops. They mine Iron, Lead, Limestone, and Coal. And they use animals like horses, cows and pigs to work in the farm. They raise the animals and the meat is sold to grocers and in return, more money can be made.

How many people could the battleship Missouri hold?

The USS Missouri most likely had a war time complement of about 3,000 crewmen. But if it were an emergency, and the vessel had to rescue people at sea from another sinking ship, with people crammed upon it's decks, etc. It could probably hold 20,000 people, when placed thru-out the ship.

Who was the first people to settle on Missouri?

The first people to settle Missouri were the Sioux Indians. They also named Missouri. This is who settled Missouri first. They made symbols in the ground that standed for Missouri and all of its wild life animals, tree, and projects.

Where is Missouri?

Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. Itshares borders with eight states: Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky,Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

Why do people say that Kansas City is in Kansas when it is in Missouri?

There is a Kansas City in Kansas, as well in Missouri. Multiple states have the same names of cities.. Like twin cities in other parts of the country Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas are right next to each other, unlike most twin cities the two aren't divided by a river but only by a sta (MORE)

What famous people came from Missouri?

Some of Missouri's most famous: Yogi Berra Bill Bradley Calamity Jane George Washington Carver Mark Twain (Sam Clemens) Walter Cronkite T.S. Eliot James Fulbright Langston Hughes Rush Limbaugh Jesse James JC Penney Harry S. Truman

Is the Missouri river in Missouri?

About the last 550 miles of the Missouri River is in or along the border of Missouri. It goes through and borders several other states as well.

Are there panthers in Missouri?

There has been rare sighting of Black Panthers in Missouri.Although, no verified photographic or scientific evidence for theirexistence has been proven. There have been occasional and recentsighting where armature video and/or pictures (not positive ifreal) have been taken.

Do people from Missouri have an accent?

It depends what part of the state you live in. I live in Branson and people here have southern accents, but that's really close to the Arkansas border. I've heard people from St. Louis and they sound like they have a northern accent, like Chicago!

What lakes are in Missouri?

There are many lakes in Missouri such as Bull Shoals Lake, Harry S. Truman Reservoir, Lake of the Ozarks, Mark Twain Lake, Stockton Lake, Table Rock Lake and Thomas Hill Reservoir.

Who are some famous people in Missouri?

Robert Altman film director, Kansas City Burt Bacharach songwriter, Kansas City Josephine Baker singer, dancer, Saint Louis Wallace Beery actor, Kansas City William Bent fur trader, pioneer, Saint Louis Robert Russell Bennett composer, Kansas City Yogi Berra baseball (MORE)

In Missouri does it rain?

A lot. This spring we have had some of the worst rainstorms we have had in a while, the worst winds, also, was when we had a microburst, it took off my parent's storm window, to give you an idea of how bad some storms get

Why vacation in Missouri?

Kansas City - Crown Center - Where it includes shopping, nice fancy restaruants, ice skating center, and more. Sprint Center - Where famous artist comes for concerts. Power and Light - A place where only people of 21 and older can come and party, chill, eat, shop, and have fun clubbing with your (MORE)

How many people did the USS Missouri carry?

The first USS Missouri, a 10‑gun side‑wheel frigate 1842-1843: 268 CSS Missouri, a paddle-wheel ironclad. Officially USS Missouri from 6/1865 to 11/1865: Unknown, but probably about 36. USS Missouri (BB-11) 1903-1919: 592 USS Missouri (BB-63) 1944-1955 and 1984-1992: 2,700 USS Mi (MORE)

What can you do in Missouri?

I would visit the Missouri tourism site and find which city you're going to. Just google "Missouri Tourism Official Website". Some popular attractions in Missouri include: Jefferson National Expansion Museum (aka the Arch) in St. Louis Branson, MO has many attractions, including a theme park (Si (MORE)

How many gay people are there in missouri?

It is estimated that 3.3% of the population in Missouri is gay. Since there are approximately 6 million people living in Missouri that means there are about 1.98 million gay people in Missouri.

Did Missouri do The Missouri Compromise?

The Missouri Compromise was put forth by Senator Henry Clay in an attempt to prevent the addition of the new territory of Missouri, as a slave slate, from tipping the balance of power in Congress to Southern States. Since Missouri was not an official state until this compromise's passing, the state' (MORE)

What do people wear in missouri?

People in Missouri wear the same things as people in Kansas, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. Missouri does not have a dress code but if you are going to be in an area that could be called a "Bible belt" you should dress modestly--no revealing necklines or too tight jeans.

How do you pronounce Rolla Missouri?

It is pronounced Rah-lah (both syllables rhyme with ma or pa). Some add a "w" between Rah and lah as Raw-lah. It is a mispronunciation of Raleigh that was later incorporated into the name of the city itself.

Why did the white people feel threatened by the Missouri compromise?

The Missouri Compromise was a successful attempt to keep the peace by balancing the number of slave-states and free states. Both sides thought it benefitted the other side too much, and they were equally dissatisfied. Curiously, this kept the balance. It was not a case of white people feeling thre (MORE)

How did Missouri Compromise please people in both North and South?

Henry Clay, a member of Congress from Kentucky, found a solution.Missouri would join the nation as a slave state. Maine would joinas a free state. In this way the balanced would be kept. This planallowed slavery in the new states formed in the South of Southeast.It would not let states in the North (MORE)

Were people warned that the tornado in Joplin Missouri was coming?

Yes, though circumstances still led to some being caught off guard.The City of Joplin was under a tornado warning for 17 minutesbefore the tornado actually formed, so residents were told of athunderstorm with the potential to produce a tornado. When thetornado actually touched down, it was only a mi (MORE)

What famous people come from Missouri?

U.S. President Harry Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri. Poet T.S.Eliot (Thomas Sterns) was born in Saint Louis. Military leader OmarBradley was born in Clark, Missouri. Journalist Waster Cronkite wasborn in St. Joseph.