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How do police use walky talkies?

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So they can communicate.
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Why do astronauts use walkie talkies to communicate?

When they're inside their spacecraft, in the "shirtsleeve" environment, and the spacecraft is full of air, they don't need walkie-talkies, and are able to communicate in the

What are the disadvantages of using walkie talkie?

Walkie talkies are not a subsitute for cell phones. They are meant for broadcast mode (talking in a group mode) . Typically used in construction, security, schools and college

What channels can you use on your walkie talkie?

Most any channel. Some GRMS channels that allow 2 or more watts of transmitting power require a FCC License ($75 for 5 years). Channels 1-7 and 15-22 require a license.

Why do security people use walkie talkies?

because if there is a robber or something, they can communticate quickly without dialing a phone. also its an easy way to communicate. like for exampl if they need to tell eac

Were there any walkie talkies used in World War I?

At the time of World War 1, radios were large and bulky. Eventually some radios were installed on aircraft but very few airplanes had them. So there were no walkie-talkie radi

When in space will an astronaut use a walkie talkie?

when they land , so they can communicate with each other. --- The term "Walkie Talkie" is a colloquialism which refers to a hand portable transceiver. Since every spacesuit is

Can you use a CB radio with walkie talkies?

If those walkie-talkies operate on CB frequencies, then yes. There are several handheld CB radios available. 40 channel handhelds are available from Cobra, Uniden, and Radio S

Do walkie talkies use radio waves?

Yes. A good rule of thumb is that if the device has an antenna, it uses radio waves. An antenna would not be needed if it didn't use radio waves.

Why do military and police forces still use old walkie talkie technology instead of mobile phones?

  The radio is still considered a means of sharing confidential information over long distances compared to the other technologies currently employed today. The walkie tal
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What can a walkie talkie do and who uses them?

walkie talkies usually come in pairs, and they send wireless radio signals back and forth to allow people to talk to each other from a distance. The distance depends on the ty

What is a walkie talkie?

A short range voice communications device whose evolution began with the AN/PRC-6 used by ground troops to talk between the platoon and the company level. Actually, walie