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How do rotation and tilt affect the amount of solar energy that different parts of earth receive?

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Rotation and tilt affect the amount of solar energy the earth receives because when the earth is tilted and or rotating, one specific part of the earth is more directed towards the sun then all the others.
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Why do different latitudes receive different amounts of solar energy?

1. The main thing to keep in mind is that the earth is like a huge ball, a globe in the sky. 2. Now imagine the sun is directly over a particular place on the earth. If you

What are the factors affecting the amount of solar energy that earth receives?

  If you're talking about the whole Earth, there are not many that affect the amount of energy. One factor is in the distance of the Earth from the Sun. The Earth gets sli

Is the amount of solar energy earth receives always the same?

no. well, over small time frames it is effectiveley yes, like over 100 years or so. but any more hundreds of years, our sensitive instruments could pick up differences. the su

Why do latitudes differ in the amount of solar energy they receive?

Because of the earth's round shape the equator, is closest to the sun and the closer you get to the earths poles, you get further and further from the sun. Plus, since every

How does the angle of the sun affect the amount of heat received on different parts of the earth?

the earth is tilted so the north pole that we normally think of, isn't the actual north pole. what it is is the magnetic north pole (where compasses point). but that's not re

Does tilt affect the amount of solar energy earth receives?

No, the tilt of the earth doesn't affect the amount of solar energyreceived from the sun. It does mean that at different seasons,different parts of the earth will get more tha
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What factors affect the solar energy earth receives?

The Sun's solar output is more or less constant (it is getting  hotter very slowly but over human time scales this is irrelevant)  and the planet Earth is not growing in dia