How do vampires form weapons with their blood?

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well non of the vampires i no about do but it would be very interesting if they did. do you mind if i steal that idea?
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Do vampires have blood?

Yes although it might not be the nice scarlet fluid you're familiar with. A vampire is a dead body and its blood is in a similar sorry state. Just because a vampire eats blood

What kind of vampire slayer weapons are there?

a slayer is meant to be able to use everyday items to fight off the creatures of darkness.. like breaking a chair leg to get a stake or using a kitchen knife to behead a vamp

What weapons are used against vampires?

Usally a garlic necklace, none other that I can think of.. -I hope this helped!. -Peter. Peter is somewhat right. there are others though: Daggers, mirors reflecting light,

What are the weapons to kill vampires?

Umm vampires are just people with an energy deficiency, so really you could kill them the same way you could kill a human being. and if you are a slayer GET A LIFE MAN!! EVERY

Do vampires carry any weapons?

Yes. As a matter of fact, fangs are not standard equipment on becoming a vampire. A vampire is a reanimated corpse Period. Fangs were made popular when Count Dracula came alo

How do the vampire get blood?

That is just a myth vampires don't need blood to keep immortality. The only reason people think that is because of Vlad Tempish or better known as Dracula after he died. He lo

Where can you get vampire blood?

there are no such thing as vampires, but in mythology from cutting a vampire with a silver blade or poisoning its food for regurgitation affects or that of letting a bat bite
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How do you get the blood of a vampire?

answer a: you can't, vampires are not real only vampire bats are. I'm not quite sure how to get the blood from a vampire bat. Did that answer your question? answer b: First
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Do vampires have any weapons?

only two of there teeth p.s. two of the teeth are long so if they bit you you will be a Vampire p.s.two. i am a Vampire