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How do you answer 'What are your activities and interests outside of work' in a job interview?

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This could be answered with anything that you have an interest in, especially if it will help you on the job. Examples are:

Swimming--to show you are fit
Travel---to show an interest in geography
Skiing,skating, rodeo's--to show an interest in animals
Baseball,Basketball,hockey--to show team work

Interests could be:
Crafts,Calligraphy Woodworking---to show you have an interest in power tools Leatherwork--to show an understanding of patterns
Writing---to show a knowledge of wording
Painting--to show you understand color,and mediums and contrasts,and complements
The above are only examples. Be honest and tell what your real interests are. If they relate to the job, that is a definite plus. If you fake your interests and are hired, it is bound to come out at a later time and will reflect badly on you.
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