How do you become a stardoll staff member?

Actually, you can't. I'm sorry, hun, there is no way of becoming Stardoll Staff. The only way is going to Sweden and applying for the job, of course you'd have to be an adult.

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How do you become superstar on stardoll?

Buy a gift card or a superstar membership on Stardoll. You can also try sites like or AW Surveys to earn points for stardoll prepaid cards. Or go to your local (MORE)

How do you become a member on stardoll?

  first go to the stardoll website then underneath the bit were you put your username and password it will say sign up here in dark purple then you click that when you cli (MORE)

Who was the first member on stardoll?

ALSO erkstar joined in 1/1/01 SERIUSLYVISIT happy AND IT SAYS LAST SEEN: NEVER :OBy Bobsoniszczak is the first stardoll, she was created on Janurary 1, 2002. Yes she is one o (MORE)
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How do you become a national covergirl on stardoll?

Just get many votes like covergirl. Here is the trick: Give yourself a very small country, like I don't know, you think about it. Then tell people to vote for you, create diff (MORE)

How can you become a staff member on Moshi Monsters?

According to Moshi Monsters' Facebook page, you must be over 18 years old and you must have professional working experience. After being 18 and having the experience, you can (MORE)

How do you become apart of the stardoll staff?

You can't be staff, hun, I'm sorry. You can't be staff because staff are adults and live in Sweden. You have to be over eighteen, fly to Sweden, go to the Stardoll building an (MORE)