How do you become a stardoll staff member?

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Actually, you can't. I'm sorry, hun, there is no way of becoming Stardoll Staff. The only way is going to Sweden and applying for the job, of course you'd have to be an adult.

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ALSO erkstar joined in 1/1/01 SERIUSLY VISIT happy AND IT SAYS LAST SEEN: NEVER :O By Bob soniszczak is the first stardoll, she was created on Janurary 1, 2002. Yes she is o (MORE)
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How do you become apart of the stardoll staff?

You can't be staff, hun, I'm sorry. You can't be staff because staff are adults and live in Sweden. You have to be over eighteen, fly to Sweden, go to the Stardoll building an (MORE)

How do you become a Royalty member on Stardoll?

People in Stardoll just say you have to be Superstar for over a year, but thats just not true… They just want you to spend on money on that. Well, that's an option, but ther (MORE)