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Actually, you can't. I'm sorry, hun, there is no way of becoming Stardoll Staff. The only way is going to Sweden and applying for the job, of course you'd have to be an adult.

- Cr.12345 (cr.stardoll@gmail.com)
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Should you become a member to stardoll?

yes stardoll is an easy free website were you can become superstar for only $5 it has amazing clothes and clubs and members it wont let u swear or put dirty pics becoz stardol

How do you become a Jagex staff member?

If you would like to be employed by the Jagex Ltd. company, you must visit their website. The link can be found in the "Related Links" section below.

How do you become a mileyworld staff member?

it said on the FAQ page of mileyworld they do not have any openings at this time, but if you want to become a member you can pay $30 a month on your visa or mastercard no cash

How do you become a member on stardoll?

first go to the stardoll website then underneath the bit were you put your username and password it will say sign up here in dark purple then you click that when you click tha

How i can become a member of the club on stardoll?

you just have to make . a doll and then click step 2 to save and sign up, after that you should play games that has a clock and then when you earn money you can either buy

How do you become a stardoll staff?

Here is the thing, you can't really become a Stardoll staff unless you actually go to there office in Russia, put together a portfolio and then try and get a job. Only adults

How do you become a member of staff on stardoll?

No one who does not work for Stardoll has ever become staff, so there is no official way to become staff. One time Stardoll made a member staff, and they took advantage of it

AQW how to become a staff member?

At the moment.. AE isn't hiring staff members. They did a while back ago since they needed a programmer. But they have already chosen someone. You'll just have to keep checkin

How do you become apart of the stardoll staff?

You can't be staff, hun, I'm sorry. You can't be staff because staff are adults and live in Sweden. You have to be over eighteen, fly to Sweden, go to the Stardoll building an

How do you become a Royalty member on Stardoll?

People in Stardoll just say you have to be Superstar for over a year, but thats just not true… They just want you to spend on money on that. Well, that's an option, but

How do you become a luxary member on stardoll?

If you mean a Superstar or Royalty status on stardoll the way you get it is by paying money to be a Superstar and once you have been a Superstar for long enough you get upgrad