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You were recently featured in RUNWAY magazine. What was the photo shoot and interview like?

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How do you change the iTunes account on my computer?

Open iTunes and click on "iTunes Store" on the left hand side menu. The account you are logged in with will appear at the top right. Hover over the email address and an arro (MORE)

How do you change the order of songs on iTunes?

Right click on each song in the album, and under the tab "info" for each one, make sure the disc number says the same thing.Then above the disc number bit, there is a thing fo (MORE)
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What is Airplay and How Does it Work?

Apple is the tech industry innovator for streamlining your devices and making them function in all contexts. Airplay allows you to stream music and video throughout your home (MORE)

Make Your Own Dry Erase Calendar

Paper calendars are expensive and boring. They are also easy to misplace. This do it yourself calendar works as a one-and-done since it can be changed for each month of the ye (MORE)

What is the HTML for adding a background color?

To give a background color to a HTML element, add "background-color:(color)" to its style-attribute.    Example: <span style="background-color:red;">Text with red b (MORE)

How do you change post title background color with template designer?

And how can I give my post title a colour background?"The first thing I thought of trying is to go to LAYOUT > FONTS AND COLORS as described in my previous post Changing fo (MORE)
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How do you change the name of the song on iTunes?

select the song so it's blue and playing, and then double click again to have a typing cursor in the box with the text highlighted. then hit the delete or backspace key and ty (MORE)
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Is MediaWidget a Must-Have App for the iPod Owner?

According to Apple, there are more than 225 million iTunes account holders worldwide. It is common for any one of those people to have several versions of the iPod. After a fe (MORE)

Video Tutorials on How to Do Proper Squats

Proper form for squats is essential, as failure to keep your back straight or locking your knees is likely to result in injury. Use these video tutorials to ensure you know ho (MORE)