How do you change your iTunes background color?

How do you change post title background color with template designer?

And how can I give my post title a colour background?"The first thing I thought of trying is to go to LAYOUT > FONTS AND COLORS as described in my previous post Changing fo (MORE)

How do you change background color in HTML?

To change the background color of an element in X/HTML you use a style declaration. This declaration can be in a separate style-sheet, in an "inline" style-sheet in the HEAD s (MORE)
In iTunes

How to Hide App and Content Purchases in iTunes

If you're like me and own a quite a few Apple devices and computers, you've bought quite a bit of content through iTunes. Apps, movies, television shows, music, it can get rat (MORE)

How to Change your Facebook Color Scheme in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Facebook has rapidly become a website featuring some of the most traffic daily on the Internet. Sometimes you find yourself absently logging into Facebook to check on one thin (MORE)

What color is the background of motorway signs?

This depends on the country.   For example, in Australia, signboards generally have green backgrounds. Brown backgrounds indicate tourist destinations, and there are also t (MORE)

How do you change the name of the artist on your iTunes?

If you right click on the song you want to change you can select Get Info from the menu. Click on the Info button and enter the Artist's name in the Artist box. Clicking the S (MORE)