How do you check who called on private number?

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I'm wondering how to do that myself. I don't think there's a way to check it, unless you ask you're service provideri want to chenk who is calling me private.
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How can you call back a private number?

Calls that show as private number on Caller ID withholds their nameand number from the service. On landline phones you usually cancall back the last person who called your num

How do you check a private number This person called me threatening to do...'stuff' with my girlfriend how do you find his number if he called on a private number?

I would advise you to put this case in the hands of your local Police, as these threats may in themself be a Criminal Offence. You should also notify the telephone company, as

Can a block private numbers from calling?

Yes. For Verizon go online and find the number and block it from calling and texts! Sorry I don't have all the details I am only a ten year old going into the 8th grade...I di
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What is a private check in?

Private check-ins are typically seen at hotels, and used by celebrities. This means that the outside public does not know when a person is checking in to a place, and can also