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How do you clear up the water in a swimming pool when it is green caused by too much metal in the water?

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You need to add a metal sequestering agent or chealating agent. Do not use copper based algecides as they will only add to the metal problem A: What the above answer neglected to say was that you need to run your filter 24/7 until the water is crystal clear and if this is a plaster pool then add 4 gal of 12.5% strength liquid Chlorine. Brush the walls and floor thoroughly a minimum of 2 or 3 times per day for the next 2 or 3 days while maintaining your high chlorine levels. It would not hurt to use some Yellow Treat by United Chemical of Calif. in the process. Be sure to have plenty of liq. chlorine on hand as this product will consume most of the already added chlorine. This will be absolutely the least expensive and quickest way to a usable pool. Be sure you are starting with a clean filter and clean it as necessary as it gets dirty. Some filter types will not hold much dirty algae laden water. If Yellow Treat is not available in your area use Yellow Out ( another brand). It took you a while to get the pool into this shape and it will take almost as long to get it back into shape. The best and safest way to remover the copper in the pool is by using ALUM, the same alum used to make pickles, found in the spice section of your grocery store. It is safe to swim in no waiting time.
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If the water in your pool turned green can you still swim in it until it is cleared up?

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Keep the chlorine level consistently above 2 PPM and maintain the PH at 7.2. Keep your filter on constantly and back wash it as necessary until the water is clear. After that