How do you defeat Mordred on Astro Knights Island?

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* To enter Mordred's castle, press all four panels in the 2nd row, the middle two panels in the 3rd row, and all four panels in the 4th row of the puzzle.

In the final battle scene in the Bard's planetoid castle, use the "skip" button to skip the video after you see it the first time. The battle is easier once you know how. (You and Merlin share a limited amount of health, so avoid being hit or you must start over.)
  1. As Merlin, fly above the spinning swords, and dodge the red projectile (flying in circles usually works).
  2. Immediately go down and pick up one of the bombs that the Bard (Mordred) is chucking out. Avoid the red ones because they are about to explode.
  3. Fly either between or around the sword arms and above the warrior suit.
  4. Drop the bomb on the control capsule or the green orb as soon as the bomb turns red. It will explode and damage the suit.
  5. Repeat this process, but be wary that TWO of the projectiles may chase you before you can go down for the bomb.
  6. The second bomb provokes Mordred to zap Merlin.
  7. Jump or dodge the zap coming at YOU now!
  8. Duck down as the warrior suit comes right on top of you. It is now safe to JUMP UP ON THE ROBOT, and then jump to the Princess pedestal. Dodge any zaps that may be fired during this.
  9. Jump to a chandelier on either side of the room, as the robot suit rolls right beneath it. When it tries to zap you, it should hit the chandelier instead, bringing it crashing down.
  10. Repeat for the other side's chandelier, and the second hit will dislodge the orb and defeat Mordred, freeing the Princess.

Pick up the bombs, and when they flash red, drop them on the orb. When Merlin is knocked out, jump on the warrior. The Princess will say that you have to jump on the hanging light. Do both sides, and the suit is destroyed. The Princess will be let out of the chamber, to knock out Mordred and take the orb. (You won!)

NOTE: Mordred will only move after firing at you, so you must be on the chandelier quickly, and he will roll underneath.
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Who is King Mordred on Astro Knights Island?

Mordred apparently left Arturus 20 years ago. It is revealed that he seeks to conquer the universe, and had assumed the name Binary Bard. He is the kidnapper of the Princess,

What planet is Mordred on on Astro Knights Island?

He is not on any of the three element planets. go to the asteroid belt and search for the asteroid with a building on top (after you pass all three planets!!!!). Then go in wh

Where is Mordred on Astro Knights Island?

Mordred is somewhere in space. Defeat the three planets and you can find the Golden Key (on the giant asteroid at X-11 Y-80). (see related question)

Who is Mordred on Astro Knights Island?

Mordred was a scientific genius, inventor, and former ruler of the Kingdom of Arturus. His experiments with cyborg organisms was decried by the populace and he was deposed. Ye

How do you get in the Mordred museum on Astro Knights Island?

There is a gold coin in the fountain outside. Go in and get the Library Slip from the stack of books.

How do you get to Mordred on Astro Knights island?

At the giant asteroid (X-11 Y-80), pull out the Golden Key to enter the portal. Solve the door puzzle to enter the castle, then battle Mordred as the owl Merlin and as your ch

How do you contact Mordred on Astro Knights Island?

The Princess has been communicating with a secret society dedicated to Mordred, but he hasn't been seen in Arturus for many years. If you take the secret message to the mill,

What do you get when you beat Mordred on Astro Knights Island?

Defeating Mordred and his warrior suit wins the island, and you receive the Island Medallion and 50 Poptropica credits.

Where do you find Mordred after you defeat him on Astro Knights island?

You don't see him again, as apparently he is trapped in his fargalaxy. However, he is somehow transported back to Poptropica by Dr.Jupiter on Super Villain Island. By the end

How do you defeat Mordred with Merlin on Astro Knights island?

In the first half of the battle with Mordred's robot suit, dodgethe red spinner blades and grab one of the bombs that Mordred isdropping, when it is black. Red ones are about

How do you defeat Mordred when you are the owl on Astro Knights Island?

As Merlin the mechanical owl, you pick up the bombs that Mordred throws out, then fly up above the robot and drop them on the green orb when they turn red. The explosion will