How do you delete a contact from contact list?

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you go options and scroll down untill you find the ord delete and press the middle button of your phone but you have to be on contacts and make sure youre on the name you want to delete
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How do you delete contacts from ipod nano?

The most effective way is to purchase a small program called iPodsync. It has an option in its Advanced menu to Reset the iPod, ie to remove all entries in the Contact, Calendar, e-mail and any other folder you have.. After this you simply resync, again using iPodSync, which, incidentally, will syn (MORE)

List of contact forces?

Contact Forces include: Frictional Force Tension Force Normal Force Air Resistance Force Applied Force Spring Force

Delete duplicate contacts in iPhone?

There are many apps came out to help solve the duplication problem.Only a few actually work. Out of the few, FonePaw iOSTransfer works the best. The other all feel bit clumsy. FonePaw iOS Transfer allows users manage their iPhone contactseasily: Merge duplicate contacts, delete or edit iPhone cont (MORE)

Tranfering Contact List to Iphone?

the easiest way ive found so far is to simply create a yahoo email account, and use itunes to sync with that, if you have your contacts in there that is. if all your contacts are on your sim, i used an application called iSIM, but im sure alot of mobile shops can do this for you. hope this helps (MORE)

How do you delete a chat contact on Gmail?

Follow these steps to remove a contact from Gmail chat. . First click the word Gmail found under the Google search bar on the left hand side of the screen. The second tab down will say contacts. Click that. . Now a new screen will show up. Click on the box located next to the name of the person yo (MORE)

Why is your messengers contact list not available?

I have been experiencing problems signing into Messenger (Version 2009), I keep getting a message saying "Can't sign you into messenger because your contacts list is not available". I tried everything on the MSN help pages and various forums and none of this worked, BUT I have just discovered that i (MORE)

How do you delete all contacts in iPhone?

You really can't delete all your contact from iPhone interface. You will need to synch it with PC or Mac, where you can delete all the contacts before the synch. Then, synching will remove all contacts. However, after IOS5, only one iTunes can be used to synchronize with iPhone contacts. The eas (MORE)

How can you find out who has you on their Skype contact list?

Generally, for someone to have you on their contact list, they haveto send you a contact request, which you would then have toapprove. So the only people that have you on their contact list arepeople whose contact requests you have approved.

How do you delete contacts on Facebook?

If you wanna delete a contact from your facebook account you need to go to his/her facebook and scroll down then you'll see under his/her Friend list written: "unfriend" you'll click on it & that's all.

Is there a Contact list for Mac and windows?

Well if I understand your question correctly for macs there is an application that is called address book and you can add contacts and their information in it and you can use those contacts for sending emails through the mail application on macs. As for windows i can't say because i haven't used a w (MORE)

How do you delete contact from way2sms?

if you want to delete a contact in way2sms...first go to adress book tab..and check there is a view or edit your contacts clickhere option underthe send buttion. click the clickhere link..and then you can edit or delete contacts u want

Why has MSN deleted your contacts?

It is usually a bug on your computer or there have been a mental problem at the database of Messenger. Keep in mind the contacts is being saved on a own server and not your computer. Although there might be a virus for MSN that keeps all your contacts invisible and it looks like they have all been d (MORE)

How do you delete recent contacts from a samsung solstice?

Remove your SIM card. Then, insert it back into the phone. Your recent text contacts should be deleted. Example- (Before removing SIM) Menu>>Messaging>>Create Message>> Composed Text: Hey! Send To>>Recent Contacts>> Bob/123456789 Suzy/123456789 Jack/123456789 ----------------- (After Removing SIM) (MORE)

How do you delete contacts from textplus?

You cannot delete the contact in textplus but if you need to edit/delete contact information follow these steps( iPod or iPhone only) 1. Press your home button 2. Slide you finger across the screen until you find utilities 3. Tap it and click on contacts 4. Find the appropriate contact and t (MORE)

How can you delete contact from way2sms?

how i can delete contact from way2sms . Do the Following Steps: . Address book-> Manage contact List of contacts will appear.. Delete the needed one you want..

How do you delete a phone contact on Skype?

Go to the contact's name you want to delete in your contact list that 1st pops up when you open SKYPE Then,"right click" the individual's name you wish to delete and choose "Remove from Contacts" :)

How do you hide your contact list on your msn?

! It depends on what you mean exactly...if you would considerupgrading to messenger 2011 then it has a cool feature that you canget updates etc by changing the view and i think even though ittakes longer to get ready to get used to but i reckon itseasier...if you would like to let me know your versi (MORE)

How can you backup your contact list from outlook?

Assuming that you are using Outlook Express on a normal Windows PC. The address book is just another file, you can make a 'backup copy' of it in another directory, then if you destroy the original you can just copy the backup over the original. Use Windows Explorer (aka 'My Computer'). Find the (MORE)

How do you delete a contact from text plus?

Go to your home > look for contacts (outside of textplus) > click on the name you want to remove or edit > click at the top right "edit" > then you either edit the info or scroll down and click "delete contact". And then go back to your textplus app and see if the data was transferred. -Yesenia G (MORE)

How do you delete contact history on Motorola citrus?

The only way besides deleting individual contacts from phone. completely is to press text messaging widget on phone. Select the conversation group u want to delete ( will say for example : alex.......long press the sample textand delete entire conversation. This will not allow it to show in the cont (MORE)

How do you delete all contacts from way2sms?

There is only one way to delete all the contacts in way2sms. U can delete the whole group to delete all the contacts. But, If the group is main, u can not delete them.. so,. 1. First go to adrress book. 2.At the left, u can see contacts, and in them, select 15 contacts at a time, and at the (MORE)

How do you delete contacts in Skype on Mac?

I don't know how to do that. But I have a recommendation for you. Tee Support is a good site which has great experts that can help you fix any PC problems. You can have a try.

What is a contact list?

A contact list is a collection of screen names in an instant messaging or e-mail program or online game or mobile phone.

How do you delete contacts on hotmail?

Log in . Go to messenger then contacts (at the top somewhere near the sign Windows Live) . Then once your in click on the picture of the contact and then right click and click the word DELETE.

How do you delete a contact using a blackberry?

go to your contacts. search for the contact which you want to delete. then click the blackberry logo button, and you'll see delete there. click delete and taa-daa, you're done ! (: good luck.

How do i delete a contact from my facebook account?

Go to the profile of the person to whom you want to remove from your friend list. Once you go in to the person profile, you will see a friend tab just below the cover photo. Check that Friend tab and see the last option of unfriend. As soon as you click the unfriend option you are done with the dele (MORE)

What is a contact list typically used for?

A contact list is typically used for keeping information on business contacts. This includes their name, phone number, e-mail address and any other information you may require.

Where is Skype's Contact list?

When you're signed into your Skype account you can see your contactlist on the left sidebar next to "Recent Chats". It will be the tabon the far left. Once in it you can browse all the contacts youhave added or have tried to add.

How do you delete a contact?

Click on your contacts app. Choose the contact you want to delete. On the top right corner should be a button that says edit. Click it. Scroll down to the bottom. There should be red button saying delete contact. Click it. Voila!

How do you delete contacts in Yahoo Mail?

To delete contacts, login to the yahoo mail and follow thefollowing steps: 1. Click on contacts, which is sort of on the middle of the leftcolumn. 2. Scroll down and click on the box on the upper-left on thecontact you want deleted. 3. On the upper row, underneath and to the right the search bar,cli (MORE)