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How do you delete a craigslist account?

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You can't.

If you are receiving unwanted e-mails due to a craigslist posting, I recommend just logging into your account, and change the e-mail address on the account to something so stupid that nobody will have, like none@yahoomail.com
After about 4 months of inactivity, your account will be deactivated.
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How do you delete history on craigslist?

i dont know but you can try ctrl+h and then clear browing data and if that dose not do it then there is no way you will get caught trust me.i need the answer to this too 

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It depends on which website you want to delete your account from, but you can usually email the website administrator and ask to have your account deleted.

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Do you mean using a yahoo email account? IF so the answer is YES you can .... the email source doesn't matter. It just has to be an email you have access to in order to confir

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You sign on and see very clear instructions how to set up an account. When listing ads for sale, a line will come up asking you to load pictures, then it will say browse and y

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