How do you download pictures from my camera and hold them in a folder?

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If you are on a PC (windows)

If your camera has a memory stick you should connect it using a USB. Hopefully your camera should have come with one of these :) if not you can buy them easilly off eBay or amazon. When you connect it, it should make a sound, wait for a bit and a box should appear. If not then you need to go into my computer, there should be something that says something like "camera" or maybe just "Cannon" or possibly just a series of numbers and letters, once you find the right device, open the folder with the photos inside, you should be able to identify them :)

If your on a mac i cant really help you but try finder, then "Cannon" or the other ones suggested above and there should be a folder, in there will your photos :)

Hope this helps
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