How do you find the eject button on a dell touch screen?

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My monitor is black and the onoff button is blinking It will not turn on.Its a flat screen Dell?

1. check the RAM is seated 2. Try any other RAM 3. still the same problem check the video or graphics card , if any 4. if no graphics card and problem stiil changing it

Where is the print screen button on a dell laptop keyboard?

It's above F10 and named "Prnt Scrn". . Use the print screen key, u will get the full screen capture, press CTRL+Pr Scrn button, uwill get active window. . But if u wanna ca

Cant find button to eject CD from daewoo kalos?

Press the centre menu button (centre button right of radio) right button that looks like > which should scroll through some other setting till you get to AUX on or off. The

Where can one find a LG touch screen?

"You could find an LG touch screen phone from At&t or Verizon. They both have these phones, or you could find one online from Ebay, or maybe Amazon."
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How do you get camera button off the lock screen on an ipod touch?

You can get to the camera from the lock screen of an iPod touch by double clicking the menu button. The little camera button will Then pop up in the bottom right hand corner o
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Where is a good place to find Dell laptop replacement screens?

Replacement screens for Dell laptops can be found in many places. A great place to start is on Dell's official site. Another place to find replacement screens for your lapto