How do you forgive someone?

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Forgiving someone is a process. It does not happen overnight, nor is it easy. But you can learn how to forgive using a few simple steps.

First you should acknowledge your pain. Then talk to your family or group of friends about your sadness or disappointment. Participate in activities that will make you happy to drown out your pain.

Decide that forgiving someone is necessary to free yourself from pain, not to forget what someone did to you or act as if you deserve to be treated unfairly.
you have to proof or they have to proof that they are really sorry
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How do you forgive someone who is not even sorry?

Not equipped to apologize Understanding that the other person does not possess the tools to offer an apology can help you to forgive them. We all see things from our own pers

How do you get someone that you love to forgive you for cheating?

Well 1st of all if love the person you shouldn't be cheating on them. and it all depends on what you did. Its really up to the person If they want to forgive you or not. Since

How do you get someone to forgive you?

well I think the way you should do is by maybe sending them card telling them ur sorry calling them on the phone But the most important one is to tell them face 2 face and jus

Can you forgive someone that you did not forgive in the past?

Ya, I can... and there are many cases for it. e.g.. 1) In past, I might be wrong and didn't forgive someone; then I realized my fault. Now, I don't repeat my fault anymore.

How do you forgive someone who has cheated on you?

A guy I was in love with cheated on me, stole money from me and would scream at me. It took us 3 years to be official and I didnt want to lose him. He ended up cheating on me.

When should you forgive someone?

It is a good practice to forgive someone immediately. However,emotions prevent a lot of people from forgiving someoneimmediately.

How do you get someone to forgive you when you can't speak to them?

It depends on what kind of person they are, and what happened in order to make it impossible to talk to them. If you can't speak, try doing something that you know they would

How do you forgive someone who cheated on you with your best friend?

You don't, either cheat on them next time or humiliate them in front of your X. If you really like them then say you bitch/git why did you do that, then ask them how they will

How do you forgive someone who cut you out of their life?

Some people come into your life for a reason or a season which means that when you need someone the most they are there to help; some may stay a season and a very few stay for

How do you forgive someone who cheated through the entire relationship?

You simply forgive that person. Remember forgiveness is an act of your will. It has no effect on the other person's behavior. It gets rid of the garbage inside of you. "Do not

Can you really forgive someone who has hurt you?

Simply said - yes you can. . All God religions call for forgiveness. . Quran; Muslim holy book; says (Meaning English Translation): "Those who spend [in Allah's Cause - dee