How do you get a license to sell life insurance in Kentucky?

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Contact the State of Kentucky department of insurance. They will provide you with all the current requirements to become licensed to sell insurance. Generally, most persons applying for an insurance license are sponsored by an insurance agency. The agency usually provides the study materials, etc. to assist in the state licensing exam. Good luck.
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How do you get a license to sell travel insurance?

  The insurance licensure procedure differs in each state, as does the name or category of the different dicenses. You are best advised to contact the Agent and Agency Services of your state's Department of Insurance for specifics. The Department of Insurance is usually located in the stat (MORE)

How do you get a license to sell insurance?

Licensing . \nIt depends on the state you live in and there requirements. I had to take a state insurance exam, pass that, then apply for the license through the state licensing department. Its a fairly simple process once you pass the test. It could cost upwards around $300 for the whole process (MORE)

How do you obtain a license to sell insurance in Maryland?

Contact the Insurance Commissioners office and they will give you all the information you need. Here is their address: Maryland Bureau of Insurance 501 St. Paul Place Stanbalt Building, 7th Floor South Baltimore, MD 21202-2272 Main Phone: 1-410-468-2000

How do you sell your life insurance policy?

Contacting a life settlement company will be one of the steps in the process, but before so doing, there is a due diligence process that you must employ. The value of the life insurance policy that you wish to sell may vary, depending upon the investor(s) to whom it is offered (through a life settl (MORE)

How do you get license to sell auto insurance?

If you wish to sell auto-insurance in the state you want to work in then you should take an insurance license exam. Make sure that the exam provider is approved and accredited by different government agencies and certification bodies.

How do I find Kentucky life insurance?

Answer . You can find life insurance in Kentucky Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more

Can you get license to sell life and casualty insurance in the state of California having a felony?

Per California Insurance Code Section 1668.5(a) The commissioner may deny an application for any license issued pursuant to this chapter...if the applicant or any of the following: (5) The controlling person has been convicted of any of the following: (A) A felony.. Per California Insur (MORE)

How do you get a license to sell insurance in Texas?

There are 3 basic objectives that must be completed in order to obtain a license to sell insurance in the state of Texas. These steps can be completed in any order. . Sit for the state exam. Exams can be scheduled through Prometric either online or by phone. . Complete an online application for (MORE)

How do you get a life insurance license in Texas?

If you are a Texas resident, you will be required to take an exam. If you are not a resident of Texas, you will first have to obtain a license in your resident state - which will require an exam - with the same lines of authority you are requesting in Texas (Life & Health). Once you carry a residen (MORE)

What license do you need to sell auto insurance?

In general, a Property & Casualty license is required. States may differ on the precise requirements for obtaining such a license, but all have a testing procedure and require continuing education at stated intervals.

How do you get a license to sell health insurance in PA?

Although I do not specifically know about PA... In TX you are required to complete a 40 hour course, pay fees, then take the test. Check out your states insurance commissioners website and you should be able to find out everything you need to know.. Hope this was helpful:). Evan

How do you get a license to sell insurance in Michigan?

In order to get an insurance license in Michigan, there is a state requirement to complete 40 hours of pre-license training. After you fulfill the pre-licensing requirement, you can take the state insurance exam. Once you successfully pass the state exam, you will get the insurance license from the (MORE)

Where can you get Online courses for Life insurance license?

Most of the states now allow individuals to fulfill their pre-licensing requirement through online courses but there are still some states which only accept classroom training. If your states allow online training, I would recommend you to take online courses through as they offer (MORE)

Can you sell insurance with out a license?

No, you cannot sell insurance without a license issued by the state in which you are transacting business. Each state's regulations and requirements vary, so you will need to check with your state department of insurance for the requirements. Some states have reciprocity, but it is generally depende (MORE)

What license is needed to sell life insurance in Texas?

If you wish to sell life insurance in the state of Texas, you'll be required to get a Texas Life and Health Insurance License. To obtain the license, you will need to pass first the insurance license exam for Life and Health in the state you want to sell life insurance. There are online self-study c (MORE)

Can a life insurance license help you get an appraiser license?

The licenses are regulated by the state where you live and anystates where you desire to work under the license. A life insurancesales license will have nothing to do with a license to be anappraiser. They are probably controlled by to difference agenciesif you are talking about a property appraiser (MORE)

How do you give a speech on selling life insurance?

You start by knowing what you are talking about. Having anunderstanding of Life Insurance and all the variables is veryimportant in this area. You have Term Life, Whole Life, UniversalLife, etc and you need to know the differences each bring to thetable so if someone asks what those differences are (MORE)

How do you sell term life insurance?

This can be answered in many different ways, but I will try to wrap it up into one post. Term LI appeals to people who may be on a budget, who have younger children, a new mortgage, a new business, or who just want some extra coverage beyond their current policy. The rates are lower and the policy a (MORE)

What is the punishment if you sell insurance without a license?

From a criminal standpoint, it depends upon the state involved. Some states, for example, classify it as a misdemeanor and some as a felony. Likewise, some states differentiate in the categorization depending upon the the status of the victim (for example, if an elderly person was victimized, the ac (MORE)

How can you get a life insurance license in CT?

The answer is yes. You can easily get a life insurance license if you are a graduate of degree course related to finance or insurance. This will help you to pass the insurance license exam since you already have the necessary knowledge that you should know about selling insurance or adjusting claims (MORE)

How can you get Life insurance license?

In order to obtain a Life insurance license, you need to fulfill your state's Life insurance licensing requirements. All 50 states have different licensing requirements and you can find out about your state's Life insurance license requirements by visiting the website of your state's department of i (MORE)

How much does is a Colorado life insurance license?

The "cost" of life insurance (referred to as "premium"), irrespective of the State, dpends upon several factors: 1. The face amount of the insurance sought; 2. Whether the insutance is whole life (which accumulates cash value) or term life (which does not accumulate cash value); 3. The health condi (MORE)

What is life and health insurance license exam?

This online exam covers comprehensive introduction to health, accident and disability insurance. This would include contract law, health insurance providers, insurance policies for life and health, government programs, private insurance plans for seniors, underwriting and premiums, group health insu (MORE)

Can you get a license to sell insurance in Texas with felony?

Yes, you can, but it depends on what kind of felony you are talkingabout. In Texas, you are required to fully disclose any felony record onyour license application. Failure to do so will automaticallysuspend your application. Certain types of felonies such as financial crimes, and crimesinvolving (MORE)

What companies sell the best life insurance?

It depends on the type of life insurance you want,often it is better to but Term Life insurance rather than Whole life insurance. There are many companies that offer quotes on life insurance policies and the way to find the best rates is to shop around and compare prices and policies.

Does Zurich insurance sell life insurance?

Zurich insurance doesn't sell life insurance. It is more geared for Corporate Business needing accidental, and health insurance. They insure companies that deal with high risk jobs, such as firemen, manufacturing plants, and environmental jobs.

Can you verify life insurance license by phone?

I imagine most states have an online database that shows agents and what type of license they hold. You will not be able to get personal information but should be able to verify they have an active license. Look on the states website under the department of insurance and licensing.

Can you hold a temporary life insurance license?

Yes, you can hold a temporary life license. In the state of Alabama, you are given a period of six months. During this time period you obtain a temporary life license and are allowed to sell life insurance products and receive commission on those sales. However, after the six month time period, you (MORE)

How much cash commisson does a license insurance agent earn from the sell of one life insurance policy?

Ever wonder how much a life insurance agent makes on yourpolicy? Does an insurance agent receive a salary? . That's a dirty little secret the insurance industry doesn't wantyou to know, for fear it would kill the sale. . "If the public knew that my general agent gets 120 percent orthat I get 85 pe (MORE)

How do you get paid selling life insurance?

The Direct and Corporate Agents who sell life insurance policies on behalf of the Insurance Companies are paid a certain percentage of commission(quantum already settled before) on the premium amount. In the case of single premium policies, commission is paid once and at a lower rate, whereas in con (MORE)

What license must a agent obtain to sell variable life insurance policies?

The agent needs a life insurance license. He also needs to be registered with FINRA. The insurance license is issued by the state insurance regulator. He will need to take a life insurance class that is typically a one-week class and take an exam. To be registered with FINRA, he will need to either (MORE)

Can you sell Life insurance if you have bad credit?

Generally, the criteria for obtaining an insurance license involves an intense pre-licensing course of study, a criminal background check and specific educational requirements. I've never heard of a Department of Insurance running a credit check (or declining a license on this criteria), but it's un (MORE)