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How do you get over someone you really loved if you left the situation even though it didn't feel right because he had a huge ego and likes attention from women and never admitted to it?

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How would you take your ex-boyfriend's response of playing it cool when you split up with him for good because he was an ego maniac and loved attention from women?

    Why do you care?     The point is, why should you care? You need to ask yourself a lot of questions. Once you leave someone and even though you are hurt

Will I go back with my ex boyfriend even though we both have a relationship with someone else right now But we went out for 6 months and we were really in love?

No do not go back. Most likely, the past will repeat and you will find yourself in the same situation you are in now. I do not know why you two broke up, but since you two wen

How can you move on when you are really upset because the girl you loved left you and will not even talk to you?

I'm sure you have other friends you could talk to -- if she doesn't want to talk to you, you can't do anything. Same goes for her not loving you anymore, so you cry your eyes

Do women really like huge penises?

sometimes it depends what personality they have..... PS:i think masive ones are sexy big dicks are the best in my mouth

How do you get over the fact that you girlfriend left you because she was still in love with her ex even though she kept on telling you that you were the one while together?

To b frank there is no true love in this real world.Everyone is making themselves satifying as if they r in love.But infact if they truly analyze they will come to know.And no

What do you do when you really like someone and you know that they like you because they admitted it but they think that you like someone else and you really want to go on a date with him?

Easiest, simplest way... own up and say that you like them. It may seem a scary prospect but it'll be worth it afterward. Alternatively, maybe write it in a card, or draw th

When I get close to someone and I do something that just doesn't feel right after doing it I freak out because I feel like I messed up when really its nothing to worry about. How can I control this?

    Well u can control this bye when this urge or this uncontrollable thing comes to u just what ever it is stop it and then u will not freak out just do what i said i

How should you feel if your girlfriend says I love you to a friend really emphatically and gets really emotional Should you feel uncomfortable even though you feel like you know what she means?

I feel it may be an easier question to answer if it were phrased differently.    I think what you mean is that your girlfriend said "I love you" to another friend and y

How do you know if someone you like likes you even though you never talk?

You could send someone to ask your crush if he/she likes you. But if you never talk then, try looking at your crush for awhile then see how they glare at you. Watch their acti