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How do you get rid of growing pains?

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  1. take ibeprophien
  2. ice it
  3. or take naps
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What are growing pains?

pain in muscles or joints sometimes experienced by children and often attributed to rapid growth

How do you get rid of chest pain?

Physicians suggest chest pain can be eliminated by eating a healthy  diet and regular exercise daily. However, if chest pain persists,  then this could indicate a serious me

Why do you get growing pains?

I suppose its because different parts of the body can grow faster than other parts at different times and so subtle as it is, maybe one body part that's growing faster than an

What is a growing pain?

  Many children complain of pain in the legs below the knee usually in the evening. This is referred to as growing pain. It is harmless and is usually relieved by massage.

How do you get rid of a pain in your spine?

It really depends on the source of the pain. OTC Ibuprofen might work. A hot bath might work. Massage therapy might target it if it is muscular. All of the above might be used

How do you get rid of stomache pain?

simply, take a heating pad and put it on your stomache and lay on your side if possible! that should take away your pain but if not, then you can always drink some tea and kin

How you get rid of pain in menses?

Keep the stomach area warm (by using warmer or medicated oil which makes the applied area warm). Relax and don't tense up, especially around the stomach muscles. If the pain i

How do you get rid of painful back acne?

I use tetrocyclene (idk how to spell it) and i use tazerac (same with this one) ask ur doc about it because it really does work extremely well

How can you get rid of growing pains and why do you have them?

Growing pains are just signs of growing and are completely normal. Some people have extremely painful growing pains and some no pain at all. You can get rid of growing pains b
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How do you get rid of pain on your side?

There are two things that you can do. One is to stand up and stretch to the side that doesn't have the pain. Two is to lie on the floor and draw your leg up (bend your leg) an

Is it possible that a thirteen year old girl has growing pains if she crys about pain in her knees especially on the sides of her knee caps If so What causes this and how can you get rid of it?

yes, it is possible for a thirteen year old girl to have growing pains. growing pains can be different in each child, in some children it hurts really bad and for others not a
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How do you get rid of growing pain in your leg?

-Apply a heat pad -Do stretches, especially before bed -Rub the muscles where the pain is occurring -try to rest it, and try not to think about it Works for me and I h