How do you get rid of raccoons with home remedies?

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There are really no "home remedies" for ridding your property of raccoons. From both experience and research the ridding of raccoons comes down to four schools of thought, prevention, repellent, trapping, and poisoning. I am prepared to discuss the first three as I find poisoning inhumane.

As the old adage goes an ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure, particularly in this case. These critters love to find your old junk and food scraps from your dinner table or your pet's as reasons to frequent your home and not the wilderness. The trash bag you left on the side of house with the intention to do yard work makes great nesting material. The dogs not finishing their food is an easy and delicious target for raccoons. An uncovered trash can with smelly food scraps is a treat to these scavengers.

  1. Go around your property and thoroughly look for anything that could potentially be of interest to a critter. Remove all garbage, fallen fruit from trees, nuts, berries, and personal food waste.
  2. Be sure that all outside backyard activities are cleaned up completely before you go to bed. (I have found the easiest way to do that is have my guests do most of the work by offering a variety of trash receptacles around and a cleanup station of spilled drinks located inside and outside which consists of a roll of paper-towels and a spray bottle with some type of cleaning liquid)
  3. Get trash cans that have securable lids, and USE THE LIDS EVERYTIME!
  4. If you are finding that your lidded trash cans are being compromised, find a twenty pound weight plate, and place it at the bottom of your trash can before you place the liner in. This will prevent our friend from knocking over the can.
  5. Be sure to wash out those trash cans and lids at least once every couple of weeks
  6. Address any openings you have into your home and/or attic, such as breaches in soft siding, dryer vents, incomplete pipe work.


I have found that I have had very little success with repellent, I believe part of that is because I didn't have a desire to saturate my entire property over and over again, as I live in a rainy part of the country. It was just too much work.
  1. For those it has worked for, it seemed to do with the raccoon identifying a single entry point that could not be controlled for one reason or another, such as a dog's door.
  2. The key is finding a repellent that is good for you and your family, because of chemical, order, method of delivery, etc...
  3. There are plenty of brands to try, but it would seem that the best case scenario for use of repellent is when everything else looks good and there is one or a few key areas being accessed by the raccoon.


Leave it to the professionals.
  1. Often if a raccoon has taken residency in an attic they may have babies, by catching the mother, you could be leaving the babies, and the smell of decomposing baby raccoons is preventable by having an expert pest control person get up in the attic and investigate.
  2. Raccoons do not like to be trapped in general and have a tendency to reach outside of the cage and try to grab the person that is escorting them off the property and trying to bite them.
  3. If you forget about your traps, then consider number one only on an adult scale, where as a pest control specialist will schedule intermittent times to come check the traps
  4. Raccoons can carry a few nasty diseases such as rabies, distemper, round worm (can be transmitted to humans through airborne eggs from feces). Having a professional with proper attire as well as proper disposal is the best approach

Good luck!
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