How do you get rid of your account in Pokemon GO?

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Scroll to the bottom of the profile screen of your Pokemon and then click transfer to get rid of that Pokemon and to get a candy in return.
When you signed up for Pokemon Go you either chose to signup with your trainer account or google account. To cancel your trainer account you would need to contact The Pokemon Company. Canceling the link between your google play account and the app can be done in your google play settings. You can also just uninstall the app and choose to clear the data.
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How do you get rid of a Pokemon?

Put the Pokemon that you want to release into the PC. The PC is inside of the Pokemon Center. Then select " Move Pokemon ". Then find the Pokemon that you inserted into the PC

How do you get rid of your foopets account?

Go to your profile, click "Edit Profile" in the top-right corner (or EDIT, next to "About Me"), and then right down the bottom (below the "Update Profile" button) is a link th

How do you get rid of your petpet park account?

In order to remove your Petpet Park account, you must submit a ticket . . To submit a ticket, go on the Petpet Park homepage and scroll below and click Help/FAQ . . Onc

How do you get rid of your answers account?

You can delete the cookie, and history page from your PC but yourquestions and answers remain on the site. Your name will remainactive if you want to come back.
In Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

HOw to get rid of Pokemon?

you go to the pc box and choose the pokemon and then choose release