How do you get sharpie off a poster board without destroying the poster board?

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No,any marker does come off poster board without destroying it.
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What is poster board?

Poster board is heavy paper designed to be used as a medium for light paint or markers. It's properties will hold color without color fade or shift, and since it is heavier th

Where can you get a poster board?

Target, AC Moore, Michael's, Staples, Walmart, even CVS. Poster board is very easy to find at your local craft/supply stores. Poster board only costs about 10 to 30 cents. (Am

How much does a poster board cost?

The cost of a poster board varies by quality and type. Generic, lowend poster boards can be purchased at dollar stores across theUnited States. Floppy-type boards run from $1.

What is a three section poster board?

poster board with one section of large poster board ( I don't know the measurements are) and 2 sections on the sides that are half the size of the first one
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What side of a poster board do you write on?

I would use marker on the non-glossy side because it could smear on the glossy side but I guess you could use crayon or colored pencil on the glossy side. Overall for any writ
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How do you make a poster with a poster board?

To make your poster faster first make or draw the main idea first and then color it if you have enough time left do the other applicable materials you want to add.
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How tall is the typical poster board?

Most poster board measures about 19 inches by 24 inches. This matte board come in a variety of colors, from white to beige to blue, and trims down easily due to its lightweigh