How do you get throo the fire nija doors?

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you have to be a member and if you are you click the stone near the door
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What is a fire door?

a fire door is one term for an access to or from an emergency exit. A fire door is designed to keep smoke and fire from moving from one part of a building to another, and to

Is it illegal to open a fire door when there is no fire?

It's not illegal no, Some people use the fire door in other emergencies. Many fire doors are also in everyday use, such as those separating parts of a building into differe

What is The Walk throo on Relitv island?

I think you mean: "What is the walkthrough for Reality TV Island?" :-) There are 2 parts to this. I will go through them. Part 1: On the Island, to the Show 1.Go to Mike's

How do fire doors stop fire from spreading?

fire doors will prevent fire from speeding for only a certain amount of time, they are rated for different times. basically the create a wall that will stop the fire.

Why do you need to have fire doors?

Fire doors, where required, prevent or slow the passage of smoke and fire for a limited time calculated to allow safe evacuation and to limit spread of the fire to reduce dama

Why do you have fire doors?

Fire doors are installed in buildings to provide a barrier between two or more sections of a building to prevent a fire from spreading from one portion of the building to anot
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Why are there fire doors at school?

Fire doors at school or anywhere else are designed to limit the spread of fire and smoke during an emergency, giving the occupants more time to escape, giving firefighters an
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How do fire doors help combat fires?

They provide a heatproof/fire retardant barrier to the fire. Theyslow the spread of the fire into adjacent rooms and down corridors,giving people time to evacuate and potentia