How do you install a Kenmore dryer idler pulley assembly?

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As Kenmore appliances are re-branded models manufactured by several different companies, there is no one right answer to your question. However, I recently faced the same problem after the belt broke in my Whirlpool-made Kenmore dryer. The trouble is that the idler assembly in my model (110.86427110) is held in place by tension only, so when the belt breaks in this model, the idler assembly will most likely be found laying in the bottom of the unit. The assembly is a simple looped-back strap of spring steel with a plastic wheel on one end, and for a while I was unable to figure out how it would have been attached to work correctly. If your model is similar to mine, you should find two slots in the sheet metal directly in front of the motor. Tuck the plain end of the idler strap from the right into the larger, leftmost slot. You'll find that when you push the idler wheel end upwards and towards the right in order to fit the drive belt, the resulting pressure keeps the assembly in place.
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Hard to GUESS -as you haven't given Model # or year ! -You wouldn't believe how many different dryers, Kenmore makes, so this info is ESSENTIAL. -Just as a wild guess, I'd say
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