How do you install a portable dishwasher?

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I HAVE A PORTABLE WHIRLPOOL AND I GOT A PROFFESIONAL TO DO IT BUT IT WAS 250$ TO INSTALL!!!! YOU CAN INSTALL IT YOURE SELVE YOU HAVE TO BUY SPECIAL TOOLS. OR YOU CAN CALL A PRO I THINK YOU SHOULD CALL THE PRO Answer A friend of mine decided to jump in and install my old roll away portable Kenmore dishwasher today in her kitchen. She ran into a few problems. First some brilliant person raised the level of the sub floor so two cabinets had to be pulled out to get into the spot where it needed to go. So out they came. The cabinet where the dishwasher goes headed out to the trash. Then she removed some screws and took the outer housing off of the old dishwasher. We were met with a few SPIDERS that were hiding in there. Ewe ! Next problem, this particular Kenmore (made by whirlpool) roll away dishwasher water drain line connects under the dishwasher with a hose that looks like a washing machine hose. This was a plumbing fiasco since she had to add a new hose. She made three trips to the hardware store before she found a threaded brass fitting that she could slide and rubber hose over and tighten it with a hose clamp. Then she had to slide the other end over the drain connection for the garbage disposal. She had to T into the hot water supply line and connect the water supply with a new hose also. Lastly we had to put the cabinet back into place. That was a fun job. And then finally the front panel just below the door is not the same kind as a regular built in dishwasher. It is intended to cover the wheels and attaches to the frame. So, now my husband will be watching the metal bin where he works for a similar dishwasher that is brought for recycling for a new lower front panel. We are lucky that we have this resource available or else we would be calling for a part that would likely be expensive. Oh, and one thing I failed to metnion. We tried just plugging the dishwasher in to the plug under the sink where the garbage disposal is plugged in (In this case it is a double plug with power to both halves) and guess what we found? It would not work. The voltage must be different. Lucky for us she had a plug right next to the side of the cabinet. We just nipped the corner off of the cabinet and ran the cord out from behind the cabinet to the outlet. Voila it worked! Not a professional wire job by any means, but it is something to think about when you consider doing this job yourself... With the hoses and plumbing connections she spent 60.00 on the project. The man at our town plumbing supply store said that his plumber would do it for about 120. A deal. But, that price would not have included taking cabinets out to make it fit and then putting one back. If you feel brave and have a good plumbing supply with a willing helpful staff that you can bug with questions all day and you are generally pretty mechanically inclined I say go for it. We got the pink hammer award for doing this today. (Though she did not call me in until the job was partly done I was glad to have the experience.) Do not kid yourself though. This is a full day job for a non plumber. Re-cap Where will you get power? Where will you get new fittings and hoses and are you saavy? Do you have a disposal that you can easily attach your drain hose to? Can you T into the hot water source under the sink? Good luck to you.
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Is it worth the effort to try to install an existing portable dishwasher under the counter or just get another dishwasher?

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There is a fitting available that you put on the end of the faucet. Take the screen off the end of the spout and this fitting screws on. It is like a quick connect for an air

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Use a built-in dishwasher as a portable?

Technically you can, but it is not advisable, as it is not weighted properly and as a result will be unstable when a rack of dishes is extended outside the cabinet of the dish