How do you keep birds off of your roof?

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You can have the roof treated to prevent birds from perching.
But in general they do no harm there.
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How do you keep birds off window sills?

Put spikes on the window sill. Just kidding. Try putting food somewhere far away from the window sill. Maybe it will draw the birds away from the sill and towards the food. Th

How do you keep cats off your roof?

You might like to try putting strong smelling items up there, as animals have very acute senses. If they are your cats then try blasting them with a water hose everytime they

Why do small birds daily keep pecking in my roof gutters?

I have the same problem. It appears to me after observing them for a while, that they are actually feeding. I have poplar trees around my house and in the fall these trees pro
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How do you keep squirrels off your bird feeder?

one answer: Good luck with that. Squirrels are amazingly clever and resourceful, and even bird-feeders that claim to be squirrel-proof are not that way for very long. You m
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How do you keep birds off new grass?

Okay, this may seem strange but you have to do something SO TERRIFYING that they'll stay off for good, such as: . Shoot one (With a BB gun or airsoft gun) . Capture one (i
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What can keep birds off your dock?

It can be difficult to keep birds off or away from your dock or deck. Birds look for undisturbed perches, safe places to nest, and ample food sources. However, if you plan to