How do you make a LEGO centaur?

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There is a link in the related links that sells Lego centaur bodies.

What is a centaur?

Centaur (Centaurus, Ixionidae, Sagittary, Kentaure, Kentauros): In Greek mythology, these creatures are described as having the body and hind quarters of a horse but the head

How do they make Legos?

they pour melted plastic into a mold then let it dry and then put it with other pieces to make a product. You probably can see how its made on youtube or the science channel.

How do you make a LEGO?

It depends, if you're using normal bricks, you just put them on top of each other and push them together. If you're using technic pieces, usually there is a piece that connect

Can science make a centaur?

I am sorry to say no. A centaur is a mythical creature. And science has yet to prove the evolution of at least one new species.

What were centaurs?

A centaur is a mythological creature with the body, arms, and head of a man, but the front legs, back legs, and body of a horse.

What can you make with LEGO?

Actually, ideas are endless when you play with Lego! You can make anything you want, anything that your imagination can come up with! Type Lego ideas into Google Images for so

Why did they make legos?

Someone had the idea, presented it to a manufacturing company, and now it's a multimilionare company.
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Will Lego make Halo Lego?

Answer 1: . Of course Lego will make Halo, you can make anything with Lego. . Answer 2: . The Lego Group have no ideas at this time to produce Halo Lego but it is something

Who makes LEGO?

Lego is made in Denmark by the Lego Company. Lego is actually a Danish company. Lego means 'play well' in Danish. A lot of robots are used in the making of all the elements. L
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What did a centaur do?

Trot, because they have hooves and they probs ate some greek grass or something idk did they even exist?