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How do you make gaiaonline profile layouts?

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CSS Coding. Learn that, then making a gaiaonline profile will be easy.
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How do you add a plalis to a gaiaonline profile?

To add a playlist, register here first: http://www.playlist.com/user/register . after that, choose what ever music you want and add it to your playlist. click on "Share". the

How do you get a video on a gaiaonline profile?

U get the URL of the video. Then go 2 gaia and click on edit profile layout. Next, u go 2 content and add media. Click on edit, of the media, and add the URL in. U can have as

How do you make a profile layout with your pictures?

Ok first you need to upload your picture to Photobucket -->  after right click your photo and it should say copy image URL click  that ---> then go to your imvu homepage at