How do you make material not flammable?

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How would you define a 'flammable material'?

Flammable means capable of being readily or easily ignited. Flammable LIQUIDS are defined as those that give off ignitable vapors at temperatures of less than 100 degrees F. G

What materials are flammable?

what is a flashpoint The temperature at which a substance gives off an ignitable vaporis the flash point. If the flash point is under 100 degrees F, itis a flammable (gasolin

What is the difference between flammable and combustible material?

A flammable material has a lower flash point (100F or below) while a combustible material has a flash point of 100F or HIGHER. In other words, it's a lot easier for a flammabl
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In what hazard class is a material that is a flammable solid?

A flammable solid that is sufficiently flammable to meet the test criteria, is classified as being a Division 4.1 material. Many solids that will burn, saw dust for example