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How do you make your laptop screen smaller?

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How do you make your computer screen smaller?

Click the little gear shape and go to zoom. Click it and for best results click 125%. If that doesn't work, you might have to put your two fingers on your computer pad and mov

What makes a laptop screen not to function?

Over heating... Constant use without shutdown. Here's an article http://tshoots.blogspot.com/2009/04/screen-flickering-problem-toshiba-dell.html and http://www.tshoots.b

How do you make laptop screen brighter?

This depends on the laptop brand. But in general, you should be able to do that through the keyboard using the "Fn" key (if you have one). For example on dell laptops, it's Fn

How do you make screen size smaller?

Hold down "Ctrl" and press the "minus" button. (thats how you make it smaller) To make it bigger, you press the same buttons but you press "shift and the plus key"

My screen is to big how do you make it smaller?

I'll assume you're referring to you screen resolution? So to change your screen resolution, go to your control panel and find the section involving appearance and personalizat

What do you do when your computer screen gets smaller on laptop?

If you are referring to the screen occupying less of the monitor screen, you probably inadvertently hit the button on the top right. There's usually 3 boxes at the top: one wi