How do you mark primary and secondary stress on the words like camera perhapsaroundpresentdefective?

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primary stress in camera
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How do you find primary and secondary stress in English words?

if it`s a noun or adjective the primary stress will be on the penult( the syllable before the final ) if the vowel is heavy( branching - short vowel+ coda OR diphthong) if it`

How do I mark primary and secondary stress in English words?

Primary stress is where the word has its biggest concentration of sound. It is marked by an apostrophe placed at the beginning of the stressed syllable, and the apostrophe MUS

Meaning primary stress secondary stress and tertiary stress?

The stressed syllable is the syllable that is emphasized when it isspoken. Some words have more than one stressed syllable, so theprimary stress is the most emphasized syllabl

What is primary stress and secondary stress?

primary stress-the principal or strongest stress of a word ex. someone yelling at you about what you did secondary stress- you yelling at someone else because that someone y

What is the difference between a secondary and a primary camera?

Both of the secondary and primary cameras are located on a mobilephone, but they are in opposite spots. The secondary camera is onthe back of the phone and has the best pictur
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Where is the primary stress in the word beautiful?

The word is pronounced b'YOO-ti-full, with the accent on the first syllable. (Beau is normally pronounced to rhyme with "go" but in this word, it is pronounced to rhyme with "