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How do you play 'Amazing Grace' on the recorder?

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D, G, B, G, B, A,G D, G, B, G, B, A, 'D, B, 'D, B, 'D, G, E, G, E, G, B, G, B, A, G.

Please see related links for YouTube videos of how it sounds.
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Did Steve Goodman play at Amazing Grace in Evanston?

Yes, yes, yes! Steve lived in Evanston....I saw him there with Jethro Burns and four or five other muscians at least once. It may have been more than once, but I saw him sever

Where is amazing grace sheet music for recorder?

The lower case d is for the low d. The capital D is for the high D.   The lyrics to Amazing Grace are: d g b g b a g e d d g b g b a D b  D b D b g d e g g e d d g b g b

Who is david Cohen musician who played on record amazing grace by the great awakening?

There was no actual group, it was a solo project by David Cohen . . . . . . . an astounding session guitarist frrom L.A. in the sixties who most definitely was the artist wh

What are the notes on the recorder for Amazing Grace?

low d g b g b a g e low d low d g b g b a b high d b high d high d b high d b g low d e g g e low d low d g b g b a g d g b g b a g e d d g b g b ( d 1 ) b( d 1 ) b (d 1 ) b

What is amazing grace?

  The definition of Grace is 'an unmerited gift.' Amazing means so great that it is beyond imagination. Combined, the term amazing grace is referring to salvation and what

How do you play amazing grace on the french horn?

I'll write it in the key of F: (C~ middle C, c~ high (3rd space) C) (I tried to line up the notes w/ the words. It didn't really work. Sorry about that.) A- ma-zi-ng Grac

How do you play the song 'Amazing Grace' on a harmonica?

If you are on a 10 hole harmonica it goes like this: 6 7 8 7 8 -8 7 -6 6 6 7 8 7 8 -8 9 8 9 8 7 6 -6 7 -6 6 6 7 8 7 8 -8 7 If I were you, I'd play it on the key of G
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Can brass bugle play Amazing Grace?

No. Bugles are very limited in the number of notes they can play. The variety of low range notes required to play Amazing Grace would be impossible for a bugle. Jason -- hav