How do you pronounce the name ceja?

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You pronounce it like this "Say ha" that is how you pronounce Ceja.
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How do you pronounce the name ANYA?

depends.......most say "on-ya" like "on" as in "on the table" and "ya" as in well...ya i guess. you can pronounce it differently i assume. YES MY NAME IS ANYA AND IT BOTHERS

What color is Lilliana Ceja eyes?

They are a mixture of brown and blue! On the inside is like a firecracker of brown and on the outside they are like a grayish blue but most of the time they look brown!!!

How do you pronounce the name ''Lafayette''?

It can be pronounced as la-fa-yet or la-fee-yet. though it is more accurate to pronounce it as la-fee-yet .it is a french word and in french it is pronounced as la-fee-yet tho
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When was MC Ceja born?

MC Ceja was born on 1978-03-15.