How do you pronounce the name ceja?

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You pronounce it like this "Say ha" that is how you pronounce Ceja.
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How do you pronounce the name 'Michelangelo'?

Michelangelo can be pronounced 3 ways.. Michael- Angelo . Mickel- Angelo . Mike-ell-angel-o . Another answer: . Of the three: number one is OK for English, number two comes closer to Italian.. Number three seems doubtful.

How do you pronounce the German name Funke?

The German name Funke is pronounced "FOON-kah," as in the children's author Cornelia Funke (writer of The Thief Lord and Inkheart ).. - Cornelia has been known to laugh about the way many Americans pronounce it as "Funky."

How do you pronounce the name ANYA?

depends.......most say "on-ya" like "on" as in "on the table" and "ya" as in well...ya i guess. you can pronounce it differently i assume. YES MY NAME IS ANYA AND IT BOTHERS ME DEEPLY WHEN PEOPLE SAY MY NAME WRONG. ITS ON-YA, PLEASE DONT SAY IT DIFFERENTLY! Thank you person who wrote above me for u (MORE)

How do you pronounce the name McFadzean?

My surname is McFadzean and it's so annoying when someone asks that! No offence! Anyway, Mc - Fad - zeen! Just the way it is written down really! well my name is mcfadzean and is pronounced mcfadgen.....the way it is suppose to be pronounced!!!!!

How do you pronounce the name Mairenn in English?

I've never seen the name before: the closest would be Muirenn (in Old Irish) now spelled Muireann (mir-an) in Modern Irish. The name may mean "sea-white, sea-fair". It is true that the meaning is "sea-fair". It is pronounced (Mare-in). Mairenn was a Irish Queen.

How do you pronounce King Tutankhamun's name?

Answer . toot - ank -a- moon . tut = image. ankh = living. amun = the god Amun. Tutankhamun = the living image of Amun. Answer . king tut's name is split into 3 different parts: tut-ankh-amun. the ankh is the symbol of life. amun is a god(not sure which one) and so is pronounced: tut- awnk- a (MORE)

How do you pronounce the girls name Ciaran?

It's the Irish Gaelic spelling of the name 'Kieran', and they are both pronounced roughly the same way. 'Cair' means 'dark' or 'black', so the name usually meant "dark one" (without any forboding conotations, rather intended as a term of indearment) and historically would have been the name given to (MORE)

How is the name Juliana pronounced in Spanish?

Juliana [xu'ljana], [χuˈljana], pronounced with the International Phonetic Alphabet for Spanish. *The [x] sound is like that in German "i ch " or in Scottish English "lo ch ". The second pronunciation is mainly heard in the northern territories of Spain, and sometimes in the centre o (MORE)

How do you pronounce the name Renesmee?

Actually, it is a compilation of Bella's mother's name (Renée) and Edward's mother-figure's name (Esme). It is pronounced ruh-NEZ-may. And her middle name is Carlie (Charlie + Carlisle = Carlie) which is pronounced KAR-lee. Renée is pronounced ruh-NAY, Esme is pronounced EZ-may. Renesmee (MORE)

What color is Lilliana Ceja eyes?

They are a mixture of brown and blue! On the inside is like a firecracker of brown and on the outside they are like a grayish blue but most of the time they look brown!!!

How do you pronounce the name ''Lafayette''?

It can be pronounced as la-fa-yet or la-fee-yet. though it is more accurate to pronounce it as la-fee-yet .it is a french word and in french it is pronounced as la-fee-yet though Americans and british pronounce it la-fa-yet (Lafayette)

How do you pronounce the Dutch name Hendrickje?

There is not really a way to pronounce it in English because we Dutch have an entire different way of pronouncing letters. Hendrickje is an old name no young people in the Netherlands will have this name. But some people might be called Hendrik. What is still an old name. Hendrik (pronounced the (MORE)

How are organization XIII names pronounced?

Xemnas (ZEM-nuhs) . Xigbar (Zig-Bahr) . Xaldin (Zahl-din) . Vexen (Vecks-ehn) . Lexaeus (Lecks-ay-us) . Zexion (Zecks-ee-on) . Saix (S-eye-iks) . Axel (Acks-uhll/Acks-ell) . Demyx (Dehm-icks) . Luxord (Luk-zord) . Marluxia (Mar-luh-shia ) . Larxene (Lark-zeen) . Ro (MORE)

How do you pronounce the Vietnamese name tham?

It is mostly likely the spelled like this... Thắm . It sounds like"tum" almost. Like the slang word tum tum (stomach) very fast . Theắ is very very short and the TH is like the T in english but it hasan aspiration . Meaning push out air from your mouth when sayingit. Best to look online fo (MORE)

How do you pronounce names in wicked?

Elphaba- EL- FAH-BAH Glinda- Gl-in-da Galinda- GAH-lin-da, or GUH-lin-da Fiyero- Fee- ehr- o Tiggular- Tig-you-lahr (lahr rhymes with car) Frexpar- Freks-par Thropp- Th-rahp Dillamond- Dill-a-mohnd Nessarose- Nes-a-roe-s Morrible- Sounds like 'Horrible'

How do you pronounce the Welsh name Penrhiwceiber?

It will be easier if you break it up and find similar sounding words in the English language. Pen - this is the same sound as a pen (writing instrument e.g. fouintain pen ) rh - the rh sound is the same one as you make at the beginning of the word ri ght iw - is the exact sound of the sla (MORE)

How is the name Veidt pronounced?

Depends. In the Watchmen movie they pronounced it "vite", rhyming with fight, to play up the character's German/nazi heritage. I know the website pronounces it "vayt", rhyming with wait.

How do you pronounce the norwegian name Aagot?

I'm fairly sure that the Norwegian name Aagot, also spelled Ågot, is pronounced /ˈˈoːɡɔt/ in Norwegian. This is in the International Phonetic Alphabet, and I put ˈˈ to indicate that it has tone 2. Norwegian uses two tones and tone 2 is a falling tone in the Oslo pronunciation (MORE)

How do you pronounce the name David in Italian?

If you are traveling to a non-English speaking country, it is unlikely people will call you by the Italian translation of your name. This has to do with etiquette, and manners. But if you really want to know I think it is spelt the same David but pronounced Dathid but I am not sure. David is Da (MORE)

How do you pronounce the Irish name for Ireland?

I have a book, Learning Irish. It teaches the now somewhat standardized pronounciations. It also comes with an audio CD, on which I heard the pronounciation. I'll try to communicate that pronounciation here using the English phonetic notation. So, it's: A-ruh Long "A", like in "grApe" For the r, the (MORE)

How is the name Stormie pronounced in french?

I don't really understand the question.. You want to know how a French person would pronounce the English word Stormie? The main difference probably is that the accent (ie emphasis) would be placed on the second syllable. In English, the word is pronounced exactly as if you said the word Storm (in a (MORE)

How do you pronounce the name Smrt?

Since there are no vowels, the vowel sound is supplied by the "r". So the vowel will be as short as you can pronounce it: Smurt. If you can roll the "r', so much the better.

How do you pronounce Cleopatra's fathers name?

Cleopatra was a throne name used by nearly all the Greek queens of Egypt. the Cleopatra who was involved with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony and was the last queen of Egypt before the Roman takeover, is known to the modern world as Cleopatra VII. Her father was Ptolemy XII Auletes. Ptolemy was the (MORE)

How do you pronounce the name Makayla in French?

Normally, names don't change. Makayla in English would also be Makayla in French. Since the name is pretty soft already, even someone with a French accent should be able to say it properly.

How do you pronounce the name Dante?

In English we say "DAN-tay", with the emphasis on the first syllable, and the first "a" as short - as in the the name Dan. In Italian it comes out pretty similar. It is pronounced "Dàhnteh" in Italian as in English.

How is the name Deanna pronounced?

The breakdown of the pronunciation of Deanna is d ee - ae n - n uh. The d is a hard d like in do. The ee's are pronounced as you would pronounce them in see. The a is said the same as you would say at. The n's are pronounced together the same way you would say the n in no. The a at the end is pronou (MORE)

How do you pronounce the Chinese name Yuxun?

The name Yuxon remains the name Yuxon because it is a name. The pronunciation for the Chinese Yuxon is yoo-ucks-on. Again, depending on the dialect the pronunciation can differ from area to area.