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How do you put music on MySpace using a song URL?

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you go up to the search and click the drop down arrw and then click music and search the artists name and click on his/her profile and then click on the song you want on your profile and click the ADD button then you click the drop down arrow and clck profile playlist and then that's it and you have tha song on there...i hp
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How do you put a song that you want on MySpace?

well it depends on where you find your song at. if you find it on a music profile then you pick the song that you want then you look uner the song an it should say: Download,

How do you put a MySpace layout on a music MySpace?

Get a layout at http://www.profilerehab.com then Login to your myspace, Go to Edit Profile and put the code into your BIO section. go to edit profile and then go to http://w

How can you put a song on MySpace?

  go to music in the toolbar then click my music and make a playlist of up to 10 songs   go to music in the toolbar then click my music and make a playlist of up to 10
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What is URL used for on MySpace?

A Uniform Resource Locator is used to link one web page to another. Clicking this 'link' will transport you from the page the link was on to the page it linked to. This is h

How can you put music in your MySpace?

  You must Press the tab Music, it will take you to music.myspace.com   Then click on My Music   Then click on create playlist   then search for songs and press t