How do you put people in your room on WeeWorld?

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click on them, add them, and go on the chat
you have to type in the box
it will work :)
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How To Make a WeeWorld Room?

Go to the room tab on your Mee's page and click edit room! There is a bunch of cool free stuff on there for you to customize your room with! When your done click the save room

How do you add your friends in you room on WeeWorld?

OK so first go to your room on the interactive in the sidebar on the blue thing tht costs 750 and looks like a weemee 4.then add friend add me manomez

What age do put on weeworld?

well first you can never ever put your under 13 years old because its obvious they wont let you register so either put 13,14,15,16 and older sooo ya1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 .
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How do you put your playlist from playlistcom on WeeWorld?

Well, go to and make an account.Once youre done making one,go to for weeworld and when you add the songs you copy and paste the embed code on playlis
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How do you put friends in your room on WeeWorld?

Putting Someone In Your Room Is Easy Here Are The Steps. 1)Go to your room. 2)Go to edit your room if you if you already have made room. 3)Go to the category name New And Most