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How do you remove carpet tacking nails from the terrazzo floor without breaking the surface of the floor?

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In order to retain terrazzo and minimize damage - I'm about to try this method as interpreted from Ross of Home Depot South Tampa: After removing the soft wood portion of the tacking strip away from the nails without disturbing the nails, (A) then clamp the nail with one of a variety of pliers available and gently to moderately forceful, twist each nail in place until the nail is loosened so that it can be pulled directly vertically without chipping or breaking the terrazzo/marble. Then fill nail hole with appropriate adhesive-filling is optional depending on desired appearance. (B) In some cases the nail may break, the remedy then is to cut the nail flush at floor level with special pliers (maybe $10) and then grind down (dremel) the nail flush to the floor and leave in place. The snap cutting of all the nails and grinding could avoid the twist method and minimize floor chipping and whole filling. Whichever method, it may be difficult to avoid some terrazzo chipping which may be cured by applying a selected sealant/adhesive, consider color and hardness desired. Start in an undesirable corner - thoughtful trial & error is progress and refinement.
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