How do you replace 80 amp fuse on 98 frontier?

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go to your fuse box and take out the fuse if you dont have a tool it might give you hell but make sure you know what your doing do you dont mess it up the insert new fuse
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1996 t-100 Toyota 4x4 extended cab with the v6 3400 engine the 80 amp alt fuse under the hood has burnt in half and needs replaced problem is you cannot get the darn thing out how does this fuse get r?

I found this item when searching how to replace mine with the exact answer. I had totally broken the fuse body trying to pull out with pliers. I went to Advance and saw the replacement fuse - Type FLM-80 about $3. The fuse terminals go down into the block and bolt to a fuse block. This fuse bloc (MORE)

How do you replace the Oxygen sensor on a 98 Nissan Frontier?

You have 2 sensors. The pre-converter O2 senser is located in the exhaust manifod ahead of the catalytic converter. The post-converter O2 sensor is located in the exhaust pipe after the catalytic converter. . Let the exhaust system cool. . Raise and secure the vehicle. . Disconnect the electrica (MORE)

How do you replace alternator on 98 frontier?

raise hood and then jerk out your pistol ,take a general aim and then calmly empty the clip into that piece of turd. i have one myself and all i do is work on the junky motherflipper. so when you get started put one in the prick from me.

Why does your guitar amp blow fuses when you replace them?

Answer . Don't know too much about amps, but fuses generally blow to protect equipment. A large surge of power can cause this or if the wrong size is replaced. DO NOT go with a larger fuse. You could kill your equipment forever or start a fire. Call the company that makes your amp.

Can you replace a 15 amp fuse with a 30 amp fuse?

Not a good idea. The 15 amp fuse will be protection a #14 wire which is rated for 15 amps maximum capacity. By changing the 15 amp fuse to a 30 amp fuse you would then be allowing 30 amps maximum capacity on a #14 wire. By doubling the load the extra heat generated on the smaller wire could be enoug (MORE)

If your fuse box supports 20 amp fuses can you replace one current 15 amp fuse with a 20 amp fuse?

The purpose of a fuse it to protect the wire that goes to the load. A 15 amp fuse protects a #14 gauge wire. A 20 amp fuse protects a #12 gauge wire. To answer your question if the wire size is #12 coming from the 15 amp fuse now then it can be upped to 20 amp fuse. If it isn't then you are taking t (MORE)

Can you replace 5 amp fuse to 7.5 amp fuse from the air condition?

You can replace it with a 100amp fuse if you want, but you have to remember why the fuse is there.. It acts as protection in the event of a fault. Instead of the equipment being damaged by overcurrent, the fuse blows. If you put a higher rated fuse in, then in the event of a fault the chances are t (MORE)

What fuse can replace a 6.3 amp 125 volt fuse?

a 6.3 amp 125 volt fuse a 6.3 amp 250 volt or 300 volt is fine with similar time delays depending on application it may be easier to find a 10A it should still protect most of the components

Can you replace a 10 amp fuse with a 15 amp fuse?

Do NOT Replace ANY Fuse with One Rated Higher . Following are two answers relating to similar questions. Fuse Sizes . The Amperage ratings [sizing] of fuses [and circuit breakers] are determined by the SIZE of the conductors [wires] in the circuit which they serve. . The size of the wires is det (MORE)

Can a 20 amp fuse replace a 30 amp fuse?

It is possible to use a smaller fuse in some circuits. However if a device connected to the circuit needs more than 20 amps to start up or to operate, the fuse will open.

Can a 40 amp fuse replace a 30 amp fuse?

Using "Oversized" Fuses is VERY DANGEROUS! Although it is sometimes possible to fit a 40 Amp fuse into the "holder" for a 30 Amp fuse, this practice is VERY DANGEROUS and can result in SEVERE DAMAGE to the the electrical conductors [wires] in the circuit, and/or to other components of the electrica (MORE)

Can you replace a 10 amp fuse with a 15 amp?

Answer 1 Not unless the circuit was built for a 15 amp load. Too large of a load in an electrical circuit can cause a fire. Answer 2 - More Explanation The following answer is a cut and paste from my previous answer to several similar questions. Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Without being abl (MORE)

Can you replace a 15 amp fuse with a 20 amp fuse?

The fuse is supposed to be the weakest link in the circuit. The circuit is rated to handle a specific load current. The wire and insulation rating of the circuit is governed by this specific load. If this load malfunctions and the load current becomes higher that what is specified, the fuse is there (MORE)

Can you replace a 15 amp fuse with a 20 amp?

Certainly. Providing that the circuit is capable of safely carrying 20A. But the circuit was most likely put on a 15A fuse for a reason. ie. the circuit can't handle more than 15A. As a general rule, always replace a fuse with another of the same rating. You need to ensure that all wire in the c (MORE)

Can you replace a 10 amp fuse with 5 amp?

You could on a temporary basis, but it would blow as soon as the aggregate current on the circuit reached 5A instead of 10A. Replacing a higher value fuse with a lower fuse is not a safety hazard, but the other way around would be a hazard if you replaced a 5A with a 10 A.

Can you replace a 10 amp fuse with another size?

The size of the fuse is governed by the wire and devices it is protecting. You can always replace with a lower amp fuse. However, this unnecessarily limits the amps you can then draw. Never replace with a higher value because you risk overloading the circuit wiring.

Can a 30 amp fuse replace a 20 amp fuse?

NO!!!! The fuse is your safety device. Never replace a smaller fuse with a larger fuse. Another answer People who have done that in the past have burned down their homes. Changing from a 20 amp to 30 amp fuse puts 50% more current through the wire, overheats the wire and can result in fire. D (MORE)

Can you replace a 2 amp fuse with a 10 amp fuse?

It is not recommended. The design of the equipment called for the 2 amp fuse. To up size it to a larger fuse is taking the equipment out of its manufactured specification. This will void any warranties and could destroy the equipment with five times the normal current before the fuse would disconnec (MORE)

CAn you replace a 13 amp fuse with 15 amp fuse?

It will work but will not protect the circuit as it should. By design, the circuit should have a maximum of 13 amps, but with the larger fuse in place, currents of 14 and 15 amps can occur without blowing the fuse, and this flow could damage parts of the circuit. It would be much safer to use a l (MORE)

Can you replace a 30 amp fuse in mercury mountaineer with a 40 amp fuse?

No, you should never replace a fuse with anything larger. The fuse is designed to handle the capacity of the wire and the devices on the circuit; if the fuse keeps blowing it means that there is a fault somewhere on the circuit and the faulty device should be repaired/replaced rather than using a la (MORE)

Can you replace a 20 amp fuse with a 15 amp fuse?

Yes you can. It will provide better protection because it will blow quicker than a 20 amp if there is a fault in the circuit. Not advisable. If the normal current is little more than 15 amps,then the fuse will blow. If the actual current is less than 15amps, then it would work.

Can you replace a 315ma fuse with a 1 amp?

It is not recommended. The design of the equipment called for the 315ma fuse. To up size it to a larger fuse is taking the equipment out of its manufactured specification. Fuses are used to protect circuits. If you install an oversized fuse you override the designed in protection.

Can a 45 amp fuse replace a 40 amp fuse?

This is not a good idea to do. Sometimes just that little bit of extra current that the 45 amp fuse will allow to reach the 40 amp load might be enough to destroy the device.

Can you use a 35 amp fuse to replace a 25 amp fuse on an airsoft gun?

It is not a good policy to over fuse devices. When a manufacturer develops a product it has to go to an underwriters testing division where they self destruct the equipment. It is during this test phase where the safety section determine what it should safely be fused at. By over fusing the equipmen (MORE)

What fuse can replace a 12 amp 125 volt fuse?

Assuming the wiring is sized for 12 amps, you can replace your fuse with any 12 amp fuse or smaller and with a voltage rating at or above what you expect to connect to it. The amp rating protects the wire, so you cannot go above what the wire can handle. The voltage rating is the max voltage that (MORE)

Can you replace a 15 amp fuse with a 1 million amp fuse?

Surely you have had too much eggnog. A fuse is designed to blow if the rated current is exceeded. So the answer is definitely no. If there were such a thing as a million amp fuse you would need a giant crane to even lift it.

How do you replace a fuse in a tube amp?

The amp will have probably a mains fuse on the power input circuitand other fuses on the dc power supplies to the circuits. Theremight also be fuses on the audio output circuits. The fuses will bein conventional holders. You have to find the fuses, take them out and look at them. In agood fuse you (MORE)

Can a 30 amp fuse replace a 40 amp fuse on a lawnmower?

You can replace a higher rating fuse with a lower rating provided it works with the device without constantly blowing. So try the 30 amp fuse in your lawnmower and if it doesn't blow and the mower works okay, you are fine. If it blows you will have to go back to 40.

Can you use a 20 amp fuse to replace a 15 amp fuse?

In a temporary situation yes but it should be replaced with the correct size as soon as possible. No, the fuse is meant as protection for the circuit. Installing a larger fuse can cause the wiring to burn if a short occurs.

Can you replace 1 amp fuse with a 5 amp fuse?

No, the one amp fuse is the recommendation of the manufacturer of the circuit. By replacing it with a fuse five times larger will default the warranty placed on the equipment by the manufacturer. Where one amp will do no damage to the circuit, five amps could destroy the components that are connecte (MORE)

Can you replace a 2.5 amp fuse with a 6 amp fuse?

No, the circuit is designed to operate with a 2.5 amp fuse in the circuit. By placing a larger fuse than recommended, serious damage could be done to other components that are in the circuit. A fuse closer to the 2.5 amp value could be used for a temporary measure but must be replaced when the corre (MORE)

Can I replace a 10 amp fuse with a 20 amp fuse in the AC?

No, you cannot replace a 10-amp fuse with a 20-amp fuse. Fuses aremeant to guard your wiring and equipment by melting or 'blowing'before the wiring, itself, melts and causes a fire. It is safe to use a smaller fuse than called for, but never, everis it safe to use a larger fuse than called for.