How do you replace a weed eater trimmer line?

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It is not too difficult -- you have to buy a new spool of the plastic line. Unplug or turn off the weed eater, and then carefully remove the old spool. Then you pull out a bit of the new spool so it sticks out past the opening (about two inches will do) and snap the new spool in.

Make sure you buy the correct replacement spool so that the directions apply to the weed eater you have. If you have tough weeds, buy a thicker lasts longer.
Answer">Answer Usually it just has a screw-on cap. Twist the cap in the direction it says to loosen it. I have actually seen them unscrew both directions so it is hard to tell you which way to turn it. It should say. Once the screw-cap is off the string coiler comes off. Then just wrap on the new string around the coiler (usually about 6 fts worth) in the direction of the arrows and replace it. It takes a little practice to get it right so that it doesn't tangle up. Good luck. this is for changing the string not changing the head
Always unplug it if its electric or pull the contact wire off the spark plug if it's gas. Make sure you don't get whipped by accidentally turning the power will hurt you.Next, remove the screw that holds the spool onto the unit. The spool is the piece that you will refill with new line. Spool according to the arrows on the plastic casing. Reinsert onto weed whacker. Tighten screw. Reinstall the wire onto the spark plug or plug unit back into the cord. Tamp down on the ground to feed wire (most weed whackers are made like this to advance the string). Happy weed whacking. Always use the guard unless you do this professionally. Use caution if removing the guard and using it.You can use it as an edger though with the guard removed.ALWAYS wear safety glasses when using power equipment.
you have to line up the arrows and pull really really hard and it should come off.   Pull on the tap head. Straight out. Hard.
The spool should just pull out, its held in by 2 clips, royate it till it pops up then pull it out, with a wiggling motion,
Grasp firmly and pull straight out....per tech support from 800 number on machine.

  For Ryobi 790r 32cc. double cord. You can't get the spool open and you can't find any instructions on how to do it. It is because the automatic push button which unscrews has tightened too much to open with your hand. Use a pair of channel locks turning clockwise to unscrew the button. Unscrew, take off button and remove spool cover. Re wind both lines and thread each line through the two holes while replacing cover. Screw button back on and your good to go.
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