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How do you replace the alternator on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

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Did a 2001 Chrysler Seabring 2.7L Remove right hand lower splash shield under the vehicle. Loosen the belt tensioner which will be two 13mm bolts. Discharge the A/C system. disconnect wiring from alternator and remove the three bolts from the alternor. Once the alternator is disconnected from the engine remove the low side A/C line from the A/C compressor and the alternator will come out through the top. It will be tight but it will come out.
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How do you replace the alternator on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring JX convertible?

Hey Melissa==First remove the neg battery cable then the serpentine belt then the wiring for the altermator then the 2 bolts that hold it on. Make sure you have a schematic f

How do you replace the tail light bulb on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

"Pull the trunk liner? If so, what a poor design! "   I just did it yesterday. The tools needed are a flathead screwdriver and pliers.   Surprise, pulling the trunk line

How difficult to replace water pump on 2002 Chrysler Sebring sedan?

  For the 2.7l it depends on how good of a mechanic you are. The water pump is driven by the timing chain which is located inside the engine. You will need to raise the ca

How to replace the thermostat on a 2002 Chrysler sebring?

If it on a 2.7 litre engine, it is not located in the normal or conventional manner as thermostats have been located in past vehicles. It is in the right front of the engine b

How do you replace the alternator on a 1996 Chrysler Sebring JX convertible?

  I just replaced the alternator on a 97 Sebring JXi convertible, 2.5L engine. I had to remove the four AC compressor mounting bolts so that the AC could be moved away fro

How much would it cost to replace a water pump on a 2002 Chrysler sebring?

Answer dated 8th March 2012. Chrysler Sebring 2002, 2.7V6 4 door LXi Sedan. I shopped around and surprisingly, the best price I got was from my local Chrysler dealer. The wa

How do you replace the water pump on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring 2.7?

the water pump is located behind the front timing chain cover,  it is driven by timing chain. recommend dealer for repair this is  not for a novice mechanic.  money  

How do you replace headlight bulb on the driver's side in the 2002 Chrysler sebring?

I'm assuming you have a convertible since from what I've read, the sedan bulb replacement is very straightforward. To replace the bulb in a convertible you need to remove the

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Firstly, don't believe the Chrysler dealer when he tells you that  the interior door handle can't be supplied separately because it's  an integral part of the door panel and