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How do you replace the master cylinder on a 93 Ford Explorer?

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Go buy a new master cylinder. Follow the instructuins on how to bench bleed it. Remove the brakelines attached to the old master cylinder. 2 bolts hold the master to the brake booster. BE CAREFUL NOT TO ALLOW TO MUCH AIR IN THE LINE. THAT WILL CAUSE YOUR BRAKES TO BE SPONGY. Reverse the procedure with the new master. Bleed the brakes in order(RR/LR/RF/LF). Once that is done, take the truck out and see if the brakes are tight or soft. If you have to much pedal, go some place where you can back up at 10 or 15MPH and hit the brakes HARD. This will adjust the rear drums. Do this step until your brakes feel firm but not to tight. This is a quick and dirty version of what needs to be done. Get a manual and read up. Explorer4x4.com is a good resource.
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