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How do you report inappropriate content on WikiAnswers?

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Up at the top of the screen underneath the search box, there is a button that says "report abuse." If you click on that it will report the answer.
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What are bug reports on WikiAnswers?

Bug Reports   Bug reports are user reports of various bugs, or glitches, in the WikiAnswers software, website, processes, tools, functions, or displays. Some folks active

Why is there inappropriate content on the Internet?

  Because some people in this evil world don't care about inappropriate things and will post themon the Internet because they think it's cool. The world is EVIL!! To bad w

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Difference between index and table of content for report writing?

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What is inappropriate for WikiAnswers?

There is a complete list of WikiAnswers guidelines in the Help Center:   * Community Guidelines  * Dispute Resolution  * Community Etiquette  * Religion & Spirituality

What happens when you report abuse on WikiAnswers?

Reporting Abuse When you click on the red "report abuse" option on the top right side of the question and answer page, it sends the report to the appropriate people who will i

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What happens if you accidentally press the 'report abuse' button on WikiAnswers?

If you click the "Report Abuse" button you will send a forward to the Vandal Patrol division and they will check out the question. If you accidentally do this once or twice it

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What is WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers WikiAnswers is a cooperatively grown database of questions and answers from visitors like you. It is one way that Answers.com brings you answers about anything.

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What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers - Non-English Language version?

Inappropriate Subject Matter (Non-English Language Version)   Asking for and giving answers that contain:   * unlawful or illegal information, like how to break into v

Is IMVU inappropriate?

if your 18 or over and have an ap pass then yes u might see some inappropriate things but if u dont have an ap pass or ur under 18 then no its not really inappropriate they do

Why is important to report inappropriate behavior?

because its violating the persons human rights also the fact you called it inappropriate suggests you know right and wrong and by reporting them it will teach them a valuable

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What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers?

We know "inappropriate" can be a bit subjective, so if you're  wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain!    Remember - staying safe online should b

Who is WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is the name of this site. The people who write theanswers are everyone. Anyone can ask a question and anyone cananswer one, so we're all helping each other in the