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How do you say I am angry in French?

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'je suis en colère' or 'je suis fâché / fâchée'
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Why were the people angry in the French Revolution?

They were angry because the peasants had to pay taxes and other richer people didn't have to at all. This was inequality and they wanted justice for everybody. They had to do

How do you say i am angry of you in Arabic?

I am angry of you is an Arabic construction in English. The proper English construction is "I am angry with you." Arabic Translation: Ana Aghdab minnak (أنا أغضب من

What to say to an angry girlfriend?

  It all depends on what made her angry. But never say 'I'm sorry'. Remember, deeds do more than words.

What do each of the Angry Birds say?

They don't say anything, they just make noises Uh, don't think so... The egg birds say, "Huzzah!" The yellow birds say, "Glooorryyyy!" The bombs say, "Ahhhhhh!" The

How do you say no when you are nervous that people will get angry?

This is a problem many people experience! It's hard to say or do the thing you really want to, because you don't want people to get angry with you. Angry people are scary thi