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How do you say language in French?

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une langue - un langage (the way people speak)
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How do you say what are you doing in French language?

in french if you wanted to say that you are doing something you would say Je fais ... which means i am doing ...   HERE ARE SOME VERBS THAT YOU MIGHT WANT TO ADD TO THIS

How do you say in French language Can you speak French?

you can say "Parles-tu français?" "Est-ce que tu parles français?" "Tu parles français?" Or, in more formal situations(ex. you're meeting a stranger) you may replace "tu" w

How do you say forever my love in french language?

toujours mon amour, would literally mean always my love, but the french have a habit of using the positive (always) instead of the slightly negative (forever) as it flows bett

How do you say puppet in the french language?

  Depends on the sentence really.   I have some puppets.   J'ai des marionnettes.   I have a puppet.   J'ai une marionnette.   I have two puppets.   J'ai

Say friend in french language?

That last answer is the formal way to say 'friend'. male friend - un ami female friend - une amie OR to say "The Friend" you can say- l'ami