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How do you say wipe your face in french?

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"Essuie ton visage".
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How do you say My in French?

my    mon (moh[n]) - masc. sing.   ma (mah) - fem. sing.   mes (may) - pl.    Note: "ma" cannot be followed by a vowel sound. To avoid this, use  "mon"

Why do cats wipe their faces on everything?

Cats have scent glands on the sides of their faces. When a cat rubs up against someone or something, it is claiming that person or thing as part of its territory. :) Often, th

Did Mary Magdelene wipe the face of Jesus?

Mary Magdalene poured expensive perfume over Jesus' head and feet and wiped his feet with her hair. Read about it in the Bible in Matthew 26:6-7, Mark 14:3, John 11:2, 12:3.

Where can you find who wiped Jesus face in the bible?

veronica Answer #2 The story of the woman named Veronica who wiped the face of Jesus while he carried his cross is not found in the Bible but told as tradition in the Catho

How do you say him in French?

"Him" in French is "Lui" ( and "He" is "Il") 

How do you say 'me' in french?

Moi    Example: et ça c'est moi avec ma famille!   Translation: and this is me with my family!

How do you say wash face in french?

Laver la visage (to wash the face) If you want to say: "I wash my face", you say: "Je lave ma visage".

How do you say shut your face in French?

"Fermez la bouche!" (pronounced FER-meh lah BOOSH) is the popular way of saying "Shut up." Literally it means, "Shut the mouth." You don't say "your" when describing one's bod
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Is urine good for face wipes in early mornings?

Eeeew, no not at all.     While some cultures definitely frown on this, it is for more aesthetic reasons. There are some cultures in the world where this is practiced.