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How do you set a background on your iPod Nano 4th generation?

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Sorry, but i believe that iPod nanos 4th gen, do not support background customization, and other customization, like, installing apps, jailbreaking, background changes, most nanos don't come with a camera as well, i suggest you buy an Ipod 5th gen, they have been the best iPod so far, according to apple, the 5th gen has made over $1M, hope this answered your question!
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How do you restore 4th generation iPod nano?

OK When the ipod is plugged in simply click on the thing on the side that has your ipod on it the go to summary then click restore OK. Hope this helps :) .

How much is an iPod Nano 4th generation?

Depending on the RAM, between $20 and $60 used.

How do you turn on your ipod nano 4th generation?

Click the center button (what I did on the first turn-on, maybe works on everything you click). Afterwards when you turn it off, you can just click anything.

How do you fix my ipod nano 4th generation?

My ipod just wont turn on, it is just a blank scree. I tried resetting it and restoring it, but no luck. Is there any way to can get it to work???
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What does a 4th generation iPod Nano do?

You can play games, listen to music, watch videos, look at pictures(not take pictures), listen to podcast, and change settings. I have one and i love it! baciclly its good and