How do you set the price on a dixie narco 276e vending machine?

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You should have some info on the inside door. If not you can call Technical Support They will need the Modal # and some other info from you so be at the machine when you call this is the easy way to Set the price. You should down load the Manual. (803) 266-5001 Toll Free: (800) 688-9090 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm EST or go to And look for SII Manual, SII Programming, SII service / parts manual, SIID 2 button Manual, SII 2 button Programming, SII 4 button Manual, & Coke 4 button Programming One Of these should help you out.
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Where can you find info on a dixie-narco coke vending mach?

What kind of information are you looking for? Repair instructions, set-up instructions, operating procedures? would be a good place to start. If you can't find

How do you set a dixie narco soda machine for cans bottles?

ANSWER: . Inside the can or bottle chutes, there are little holes to set the length of what you are trying to vend. On some machines you can set it up for two 20 ounce bott

How do you set the price on a dixie narco model DNCB 381216-8 vending machine?

Hello If it is a single price coin mechanism, on the coin mechanism the Acceptor part comes down and there are dip switches behind there, the switches double and you pull the

Using the serial number how can you tell the age of your dixie narco vending machine?

The age of Dixie-Narco products is determined by the date code incorporated in the serial number. The vender serial number takes the form xxxx-yyyyzz. The first 4 digits (xxxx

How do you set up for cans dixie narco?

To set-up for cans in a Dixie Narco, know the length of the cans tobe vended. Then set the cans to its proper sizing. Settings areinside the vending machine.

How do you set a price on a dixie narco 501E vending machine?

You are going to have to open up your vending machine door. In there you are going to find the control panel. On that control panel there is going to be a little button. Press

How do you set prices in a vending machine FAS easy 5000?

Open the door, put the plastic key in the power switch to power the machine up, press the "P" button on the main board (a small black switch) for 2 seconds. Then on the keypa

How do you set the price on a Dixie Narco Model DNCB 368 216 8 vending machine?

It depends on the coin changer/bill acceptor you have. There should be a series of dip switches with different values. Turn the ones you want your total to add up to, to "On"
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How do you set the price on a dixie narco 168?

On The Coin Mechanism, On The Top, There Are 2 Little Flaps, Pull Them Up, And See The Circuit Board. Then You Will See 5 Dip Switches When They Are On, They Will Add To The
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What is the average price of candy in vending machines?

A price of candy in a vending machine ranches from about 15 cents to 1 dollar and 75 cents with intervals of approximately 10 cents. That means the average price of candy in v

How do you set a price on a dixie narco 55xx vending machine?

Depress the button on the inside of the machine to enter ServiceMode. Press 7, which will take you into the Set Regular Price Menu,Press the * button and then enter the desire
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What is the price of bubble gum vending machine?

It depends on the type of bubble gum vending machine one wants. An old fashioned bubble gum machine with a glass dome can be found for $50 or less. A more elaborate professi